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August 2021 Update

August 2021 Update

We’ve been busy! In the past month, we’ve added a lot of highly requested features. Most notably, we’ve introduced CRM shortcodes in emails, so you can fully personalize your automated communication to clients. Additionally, we’ve made a big leap forward in team communication by adding @Mentions.

In June, we introduced conditional jumps in organizers. This month, we’ve expanded that functionality for entire sections. We’re going to be holding a webinar on Tuesday, August 17th at 1pm EST (10am PST) on how to use this powerful tool for your intake forms.

Our document management system (DMS) also improved. Now, you can rename and add new top-level folders. And the native PDF editor we introduced in July? Well your clients now have access to it, too! 

Sneak peak: we’re working on a native mobile app for firms, enabling you to chat with clients, check tasks in Inbox+, and more directly from your iPhone or Android.

Read more on what changed in TaxDome in the past month.


Contact & Date Shortcodes

Hi [firstname] Contact shortcodes make your mass emails look like personalized messages! Now, whether you’re sending a bulk email or a message to a married couple, everyone gets a personalized greeting. Date shortcodes help you specify the month or year of the documents you’re requesting. For example, if you’re requesting documents on schedule — e.g., bank statements — add date shortcodes so that messages in your recurring pipeline will point to the actual month.


Coming soon: the ability to ‘schedule’ emails so that your personalized emails are sent at the exact date and time you want clients to receive them.

Message Creation In The Right Sidebar

Messages no longer open a new page but are now created in the right sidebar, allowing you to avoid losing the context of what you’re working on when you send a message. The result is fewer clicks & less disruption to your work. Soon, secure messages will become even more chat-like, as all parties will be able to see when the other person is typing or has uploaded documents in real-time. The ability to bulk send messages to many accounts at once will also be available in the right sidebar. Also, for shortcut lovers, you’ll be able to send messages using “ctrl + enter” on your keyboard.


🤓 Team Management

Introducing @Mentions

@Mentions (or tagging) colleagues enables teams to work even better within TaxDome. It is a long-requested feature from our community, and we’re proud to be able to bring it to you, improving internal team collaboration. 

You can @mention colleagues in account notes, task descriptions, & messages. We will be adding @mentions to more areas, as well – let our product team know what you’d like to see!  

A @mention will generate a notification for the tagged teammate in their email and Inbox+ (depending on their personal preferences).


Sneak peak! A mobile app for firms is coming soon. Stay tuned.

​​📒 Organizers

Conditional Jumps For Whole Sections

TaxDome Organizers are even better with the introduction of conditional logic for entire sections. Why?

  1. The total number of questions you ask clients can be reduced 10x or more.
  2. You can now have one all-encompassing organizer instead of piecemealing different organizers for different use cases.

You can have one organizer or intake form for everyone, because clients only see the questions that are relevant to them. This helps ensure that you ask all of the probing questions you need to be fully aware of your clients’ situations.

Example: You ask “Did you sell property?” If the answer is “Yes,” clients see all the questions you need to follow-up with. If not, they won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary questions. The same applies to questions about children, PPP loans, foreign Income, and much more. This also allows you to have one organizer for both returning clients and new clients.Want to know how to utilize organizers better? Join the live webinar with Q&A on Tuesday, Aug 17th at 1pm EST.


Text Blocks in Organizers

Want to guide your clients on how to complete your questions? You can now add text blocks to provide helpful tips to your clients.  

Note: You can utilize conditional jumps for text blocks, too!

📚 Document Workflow

Top-level Folders Now Editable

You now have even more control over your entire document structure. You can create new folders or edit (rename and delete) the existing folder structure, allowing you to create as many top-level folders as you need and name them as you wish.

For example, you can rename the “Client Docs” folder as “My Uploads” and you can now create more root folders with your desired privacy settings (previously, you could only create folders within the pre-set root folders). For example, you might want to create a private folder for each employee: Matt Jones’ folder, May Williams’ folder, and so on. We are in the process of updating folder templates to allow you to bring this expanded functionality to many clients at once.


Locking Documents to Invoices During Upload

We’ve made user experience improvements to this very popular feature. In short, you can ensure you get paid by locking documents to invoices. And now you can utilize this functionality with fewer clicks as it has been incorporated into the new document upload process.


And even more document management updates:

  • Native PDF Editor for your clients. Your clients can now complete fillable PDF forms within TaxDome. Clients can access the PDF editor for the documents that they can edit. More>>
  • Contracts are now editable. You can make changes to your contracts even if they were already sent to clients. You can edit your contract as many times as you need until it is signed by at least one contact.  More>>

✍️ E-signatures

E-signature Free Text Fields

Custom «text» field in PDF files. In addition to requesting signatures, initials, and dates, you can now add a custom ‘text’ input field, allowing your clients to complete information and sign the form at the same time (example: credit card authorization form).

The interface of requesting e-signatures became more streamlined: You can now select a contact and choose the fields they need to complete:

  1. Firm signature(s)
  2. Client signature(s)
  3. Initials
  4. Date 
  5. Custom field (text)


Firm Member E-signatures

Firm signatures can now be edited by team members. All team members who have access to the document can edit, add, or delete company representatives’ e-signature fields. More>>

🤖 Workflow Automation

Default Job Templates

Default job templates let you add predefined context to jobs: due dates, assignee, priority, etc. Pipelines now can have a default job template; this is very helpful if you automatically start jobs from client signups. 

As a reminder, signup form automation allows you to ask prospects what they are interested in and kick-start automations and your internal workflow based off of their interests. For example, if a client responds that they need Payroll services, a job can be automatically created in the Payroll pipeline with a predefined template.


Some more workflow updates:

  • Account notes linked to tasks. You can now link account notes to individual tasks, providing context for the assignee. For example, if you have information on a client’s bank accounts stored inside account notes, you can link this note to the Reconciling Accounts task. More>>
  • Automove when invoice paid. When you link locked documents to a job and Automove is enabled in the pipeline, the job will automatically move to the next stage once the invoice is paid, reducing admin work for you and your team. More>>

💰 Billing & Invoicing

We’ve added the following improvements to bills & invoices, most notably within the context of itemized services which were released last month.

  • Copy services from QBO. If you’ve used QBO in the past and created services, you can now import them into TaxDome. More>>
  • Add services to contracts. Contracts can now have itemized services in addition to templated text. You can also add services to contract templates for use in automations. More>>
  • Archive services You can now archive any outdated services; previously you could only  delete them. 
  • New services sync to QBO. When you add new services, they are automatically synced with your QBO account. Also, QBO sync issues now include those relating to services. You can quickly fix issues by editing your service or deleting it.
  • New filters for invoices. You can filter invoices by service type.

🔥 Other

  • Webinar: 6 Strategies for Handling Non-Paying Clients’. Join us on Thursday, September 9 at 2 PM CDT for a free CPE webinar along with our partners at CPACharge. In this webinar, Ilya Radzinsky, Co-Founder & COO of TaxDome, and Erika Segal, Associate Brand Manager of CPACharge, will discuss 6 strategies for avoiding “non-paying client” situations. They’ll also look at how you can automate your payment process to make non-payment a non-event in your firm. Save your spot>>
  • TaxDome emails in your preferred language. Your clients can now get system emails (invoice ready, signature requested, etc) from your firm in the language of their choice. As a reminder, TaxDome is available in 7 languages and growing. More>>

All of the above plus 67 more tweaks and fixes! Join our Facebook Community to ask any questions, request features, or just chat with your peers. 

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features, which we covered in the previous post.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

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