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Evolution Accounting & Consulting Experience: Growing a national practice to 1000+ clients with TaxDome

Evolution Accounting & Consulting Experience: Growing a national practice to 1000+ clients with TaxDome
Maria Kris

Maria Kris

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Eric Gray, CEO of Evolution Accounting & Consulting, LLC, brings over three years experience of delivering tax, tax resolution, bookkeeping, CFO and many other services to clients nationwide. 

Evolution Accounting expanded quickly by acquiring bricks-and-mortar, paper-oriented firms and turning them into fully remote ones. With a national clientele that is constantly growing, maintaining the efficiency of the team and high-quality customer service requires help from technology. This is where TaxDome comes in.

Watch Eric speak about how TaxDome features have helped his practice to manage projects efficiently for both existing and acquired business lines:

Automating client communication

Proactive communication is an essential part of delivering a WOW client experience. Evolution Accounting works hard to win new clients and keep existing ones, but a bigger client portfolio means more attention, more working hours and, consequently, more staff. TaxDome automated client communication tools enabled the Evolution Accounting team to achieve more with less. They have more time to serve more clients and nurture client engagement without hiring extra employees.

When I used to try to email 1000 clients, that would be difficult. When we do this the automated way, through TaxDome, it saves me hours. It’s a really slick process. You can customize these emails and it actually looks like I wrote it specifically to that person.’

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How to automate client communications with TaxDome:

  1. Break down your client communication process into the specific steps you want to inform your clients about
  2. Create email templates that clients will receive at each touchpoint of your process 
  3. Add a personal touch without expending extra time and effort by applying shortcodes 
  4. Set up sending email to clients via automation in the settings

How to automate client communications with TaxDome

Check out how Evolution Accounting automated their client communications and freed up Eric’s time as a CEO to focus on business development: 

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Improving employee experience

Since the staffing aspect of the accounting business has become quite difficult, Evolution Accounting places a high value on creating a healthy work-life balance for their employees. TaxDome automations took the weight of time-consuming, low-value workload off the team’s shoulders, and they gained efficiencies by speeding up regular processes.

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Automating menial tasks boosted the Evolution Accounting team’s productivity and made the work more enjoyable for their employees. It means a higher staff retention rate, less churn and, ultimately, bigger profits without any loss of quality in client service.

Watch Eric talk about how automated TaxDome tools have been helpful in resolving staffing issues in his firm:

Optimizing project management

To serve 1000+ clients, you need to have a solid system in place. We asked Eric about the TaxDome tools they find especially useful to help them meet the challenges of operating as a thriving and ever-expanding firm.

The top 3 TaxDome project management tools according to Evolution Accounting:

1  Tags to segment client accounts, contacts, time entries, jobs and tasks according to the project

‘We have the option to tag accounts or jobs. And we can really see if this project comes from our existing or acquired business line, if it’s efficient, and separate things out that way.’

2   Pipelines to track progress of every project: due dates, statuses, responsible employees

‘On the project management side, the pipelines and tasks are great. There’s really no uncertainty about the status of every single project. So, I think you guys have helped tremendously with our practice so far.’

3  Tasks created and assigned automatically to whom and when needed to ensure everyone stays on point and can see what’s being handled by the rest of the team 

The task creation when a job goes from one stage to another removes the need to initiate conversations internally. TaxDome alerts one of our staff members: now it’s your turn to work on this project. And it keeps us rolling all the time. We’re constantly moving and TaxDome helps facilitate easy transitions.’

See Eric’s feedback on streamlined project management with TaxDome:

Eric highlighted that they’ve utilized TaxDome as much as they needed to and are yet to explore its full potential. They know they can book a white-glove session and get free unlimited support anytime.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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