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How to Gain More Clients with a Professional Tax or Accounting Firm Website 

Customise your client tax portal, including the URL to point to your own domain.
Lisa Chaud

Lisa Chaud

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When a prospective client is vetting an accounting or tax firm, one of the first things that the client does is visit the firm’s website. Sadly, this is where many firms fall short. Far too many accounting and tax firms have websites that are either incomplete, convoluted, or out-of-date. That’s why a well written and well designed account firm website is so critical to a firm’s success. Here’s a look at how to create an accounting firm website that can build trust and lead to client growth. 

Why a website is important for an accounting firm or a tax professional

First, let’s take a look at why an accounting firm’s website is so important to the image and growth of an accounting practice. Here, we will look at the four most critical reasons to place a major emphasis on an accounting website. 

1. Pass the first part of the vetting process

As stated before, when a client is searching for the right accounting or tax firm, he will visit the firm’s website. Therefore, that account firm website needs to make a positive first impression.  In effect, your firm’s website is your first contact with the prospective client. 

2. Explains your firm’s services

An account firm website will explain exactly what your firm does. Does your firm specialize in tax accounting for freelancers? Is your accounting firm suitable for international business? This information should be clearly stated on the homepage of the site. 

3. Build trust 

An accounting firm’s website can build trust from its first impression. If the website is well designed and well written, then a prospective client will likely have a high trust level with the firm. 

4. Allows clients to interact with their account

Once you onboard a client, you need to make sure that they can access their account. Your accounting firm website will be an important part of your client’s everyday interaction with your firm. 

What to include on your firm’s website

It can be hard to define what to put on an accounting firm’s website. Therefore, it is important to put the most pertinent information on the most discoverable places on the site. The following information should appear front and center on your website. 

1. Your firm’s services and specialty 

The website should clearly state what your firm does and its specialty. For instance, if your accounting firm specializes in servicing small companies, tech companies, or independent contractors, this information should be stated prominently on the home page. 

You can find templates which already include the place for description of the services you provide.

2. Your firm’s experience

To help build trust, an accounting firm’s website should clearly state the experience of the firm, its principals, and its staff. This will help qualify your firm with any prospective client. 

3. Client testimonials, recognition, reviews, and social proof 

One of the best proven ways to impress website visitors is to provide proof that your firm’s services lead to positive results. The four best pieces of information to boost the image of your firm include client testimonials, industry recognition, client reviews, and social proof. This information can have its own page on your website. 

4. Contact information

Providing contact information is required by just about all website hosts. However, you will want to go a step further and provide a quick way for prospective and existing clients to reach your firm. You should have a phone number, email address, or other contact information prominently displayed on the site’s front page. 

Tips on creating a top accounting firm website

When creating your firm’s website, it is important to follow some proven tips that have helped other business websites attract the right type of attention. Here are five proven tips to consider. 

1. Use professional yet straightforward language 

Professional language is important to any business website. However, make sure that the language is not too complicated. Your site will target clients who may have no experience in accounting. Therefore, the site’s language should be easily understood by people from all business backgrounds. 

2. Make the site easy to navigate 

A site that is easy to navigate makes it easier for website visitors to discover the information they are looking for. Using a menu bar at the top of the site can help keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time. Also, make sure that all of your site’s most important pages have a link on the homepage. 

3. Regularly add content to the website’s blog

A key to your website’s success is making it discoverable by search engines. Therefore, you will need to provide fresh content on your accounting firm’s website. This can be achieved through a blog. Your site’s blog should cover subjects that your prospective clients are searching for online. 

4. Optimize site speed

Make sure that your website can load quickly. You can perform a website speed test on your website to ensure that the site is loading at an acceptable rate. To ensure that your site loads at a high speed, use a top site host, optimize your site’s image sizes, reduce the number of plug-ins, and use website caching. 

5. Use a top client portal 

A client tax portal will make it easy to create a website that will provide an excellent first impression and a top client experience. Client portals make it easy for visitors to log in to their account, perform actions needed, and examine account information. One of the most popular client portals for accounting and tax firms is available through TaxDome. With TaxDome, clients have access to a number of free customizable website templates. TaxDome also provides website hosting and site transitioning services. 

Getting started with upgrading your firm’s website 

A website can make or break an accounting or tax firm’s business. Therefore, it is important to find the right solution to your firm’s online presence. You can get started today with TaxDome’s popular client portal. Learn more about TaxDome’s client tax portal services here. With the right accounting firm website, you can build your accounting or tax firm business like never before. 

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Lisa Chaud

Lisa Chaud

Lisa is a marketer at TaxDome. As someone who strives to provide the TaxDome community with the freshest data, she dives deep when conducting market research for accounting and bookkeeping industries. Her enthusiasm for all things accounting is matched only by her dedication to leading a physically active lifestyle that includes dancing and running.

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