Jan 5 2022 / TaxDome Updates

Introducing TaxDome Academy 

Introducing TaxDome Academy 
Natalie Zorba

Natalie Zorba

3 Min

TaxDome never stops evolving so you have a deeply customizable and robust platform on which to manage your accounting practice. Along the way, we continue building our education system to provide you with various tools for learning how to create your ideal workflow and improve your productivity.

Based on our customers’ feedback, today we are launching TaxDome Academy, an online learning tool to simplify the learning curve while adapting TaxDome capabilities to your needs. 

TaxDome Academy is designed so that you can save twice as much time learning about TaxDome at your own pace and customizing it to your needs. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to provide you with courses on every feature of TaxDome and help optimize it for your practice in the process.

Why join TaxDome Academy?

  1. If you are new to TaxDome, you will be able to quickly set up your workflow and automate your practice in a few steps.
  2. If you have been a TaxDome user, you will be able to refresh your knowledge of TaxDome, keep up with updates, and dive deeper into the settings.
  3. If you manage a team, you will be able to streamline their onboarding process. 

What you’ll learn

Courses in the Academy consist of three lessons with videos on the topic at hand and quizzes at the end of each lesson. For each course, you get a successful course completion certificate.

The first course, How to Get Started with TaxDome, is ideal for simplifying the new users’  onboarding process while educating them about the basics of TaxDome:

  • How to set up your custom CRM
  • How to upload and manage documents with TaxDome
  • How to communicate with your clients      

The next course, How to Use Organizers, is suitable for both new and current users:

  • How to create and customize organizers
  • How to send organizers and simplify the information collection
  • How to automate organizers and integrate them into your pipelines. 

January is a great time to join the Academy in order to better organize your clients and improve your document gathering process right before tax season. You will be able to complete each course within less than an hour! 

What’s next: 

We are planning to launch more advanced courses each month and make the Academy available in other languages as well. 

What topics and TaxDome features would you like us to cover in the next courses? Share your ideas in the Facebook Community. 

Natalie Zorba

Natalie Zorba

As a Client Education Manager, Natalia with the Education Team creates and takes care of TaxDome Academy. New lessons and courses are on their every day plate. She and the Education Team are passionate about making things and knowledge easier and clients onboarding smooth and fast.

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