May 22 2023 / TaxDome Updates

Introducing TaxDome for Payroll: automate your workflow and stop chasing clients

Introducing TaxDome for Payroll: automate your workflow and stop chasing clients
Natalie Zorba

Natalie Zorba

3 Min

Is following up with existing clients and onboarding new ones cutting into the actual work you do? The TaxDome for Payroll Academy course is built specifically for automating repetitive processes such as reminding clients to correctly fill out and upload documents.

In just 70 minutes, you’ll master all the necessary automations to save yourself and your team members hours every week. You’ll also find out how to communicate with clients more effectively.

This course was crafted specifically with payroll practices in mind — but that doesn’t mean it’s useless for everyone else. The broad principles of automating your work still apply. Here’s how the course will free you up to focus on work that matters.

What you’ll learn

TaxDome for Payroll is divided into three parts — with a quiz at the end to review your newly gained skills . The three parts are:

1. How to set up TaxDome for payroll

  1. Separating accounts of different types
  2. Creating the folder structure and setting up custom fields for payroll clients
  3. Exporting and importing clients in groups

2. How to configure payroll processes in TaxDome

  1. Using tasks and pipelines to automate your payroll processes
  2. Scheduling recurring payroll jobs
  3. Handling clients with different pay schedules
  4. Automating onboarding for payroll clients

3. How to get documents from payroll clients

  1. Requesting payroll hours and schedules from clients via messages and organizers
  2. Linking timesheets from email and desktop to jobs
  3. Collecting documents from third parties without giving access to the portal

You also get a checklist to measure your progress. More good news – completing the course will earn you a certificate and send you on your way to becoming a TaxDome certified advisor (and receiving a badge and rewards)!

What’s next

TaxDome for Payroll is the third course in our line of specialized courses. We’ve already released TaxDome for Tax Preparers and TaxDome for Bookkeepers. We’ll continue making courses that highlight our platform’s ability to make your life easier by automating and streamlining different aspects of your practice.

In the meantime, feel free to check other courses we offer. Courses such as “How to automate your workflow” and “Invoicing guide” will help you gain an understanding of TaxDome and the various ways it can put your work on auto-pilot. You got this!

Natalie Zorba

Natalie Zorba

As a Client Education Manager, Natalia with the Education Team creates and takes care of TaxDome Academy. New lessons and courses are on their every day plate. She and the Education Team are passionate about making things and knowledge easier and clients onboarding smooth and fast.

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