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Introducing the TaxDome Advisor Directory: Connect with Top PROs in the Tax & Accounting Industry

Introducing the TaxDome Advisor Directory: Connect with Top PROs in the Tax & Accounting Industry
Anastasia Giles

Anastasia Giles

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The TaxDome Advisor Directory is a unique list of experts in tax, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and advisory services globally. Whether you seek assistance locally or remotely, you can find professionals who are focused on delivering not only proficiency, but a premier customer experience.

Each Advisor provides you with a digital platform to access your documents securely. Whether on desktop or mobile app, you are able to stay in touch with your accounting professional on your terms. 

Choose from a network of highly rated professionals to find the right fit for your financial goals.

Which services are available on the TaxDome Advisory Directory?

The following services are currently offered:

  • Individual tax preparation
  • Business tax preparation
  • Incorporation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax planning
  • Sales tax
  • Tax resolution
  • Audit
  • Financial planning
  • Payroll
  • Business consulting
  • Fractional CFO

Which industries do TaxDome Advisors serve?

In addition to individuals, TaxDome advisors serve the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • E-commerce
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Pharmacy
  • Non-profit
  • Automotive
  • Real estate
  • Professional services
  • Media
  • Law
  • Trucking
  • Cannabis

How is the TaxDome Advisor network unique?

There are three primary reasons the TaxDome Advisor network is different than every other directory on the internet.

  1. No selling of your private information (PII)
  2. All TaxDome Advisors use TaxDome, the best way to communicate with clients securely
  3. Integrated with Google to show reviews instead of niche review sites.

No selling of private information; unlike other directories you are not a “lead” that is sold

The business model of most directories on the internet are simple: Collect money for listing or free listing and collect money for ‘leads’. In every single one of these cases, you, the end consumer, are the product. Your personal information – willingness to spend, services you are looking for, location, search words and more, are resold to the highest bidder. To use the TaxDome directory, you never have to give your email, phone number or other personal information. You are free to find and vet advisors on your own terms.

If you are not familiar with this, the images below may help explain these business models.

If you don’t collect money for leads, why does TaxDome provide this directory, then?

TaxDome is a practice management firm – we make money on software subscriptions from tax and accounting firms who pay a fee to use our software. 

We are not an ad-supported directory that exists solely by selling your personal information; on the contrary, we are agnostic as to which firm you work with. The better services firms provide their clients, the longer they’ll be in business. When our clients (firms) are in business a long time, we (TaxDome) benefit. 

We are confident that you’ll find a quality advisor offering the precise services you need in the precise niche you’re looking for. There are hundreds of thousands of tax advisors in the US and millions globally. But unlike other directories, all TaxDome advisors are equipped with modern tools to make your life easier. From a unified portal to helpful tools that allow your advisor to keep you up to date at every step of the process, you can feel confident that you’re not only getting expert advice but a quality experience.

Integrated with Google Reviews

According to, 88% of all reviews come from only 4 review sites. 

Reviews can be scattered all over the internet, but in 2022, Google is the leader. The TaxDome Advisor network integrates with Google reviews, so that you are able to quickly see what others have to say when vetting vendors. 

TaxDome Advisor network vs TaxBuzz

TaxDome does not share your personal information

Much like our Advisors, the TaxDome Advisor network is geared towards your experience. Unlike TaxBuzz, you don’t have to provide your personal information to find what you’re looking for. With the TaxDome Advisor network, you are able to browse and find what you’re looking for without sharing your email address or phone number.

TaxDome is Integrated with Google reviews

TaxBuzz uses their own review engine; this is fine except it leads to a very small percentage of clients actually utilizing it. Have you ever left a review on TaxBuzz? Likely not. But we’re pretty certain you or someone you know has left a review on Google. 

TaxDome Advisor network vs Thumbtack

Angi’s list, Thumbtack and more are general sites for any service provider. On the TaxDome Advisory directory you won’t find plumbers, painters, or movers. But, you will find, exclusively, tax and accounting professionals of various kinds. See above for the full list of services that are available and industries served.

TaxDome Advisor network vs IRS Preparer directory

The IRS preparer directory is helpful to ensure that your preparer is indeed licensed. But, then what? What are their reviews? What services do they offer? If wondering whether someone is licensed by the IRS, we’d recommend first finding the expert and cross-checking on the IRS network (if you are looking for a US tax preparer) whether they are licensed by the IRS, not the other way around.

TaxDome Advisor network vs Accountant Price

Unlike this or other directories that make money by selling your leads, TaxDome Advisor directory does not collect your personal information. You are able to find the skilled professionals you’re looking for without worrying about receiving spam emails for the next 10 years. 

Similar to TaxBuzz, Accountant Price makes money by selling leads (see: your personal information). 

How can a TaxDome Advisor help me?

By utilizing the TaxDome Advisor Directory, you can vet profiles of advisors and work with them locally or remotely based on your preference.

  • Maximize individual and business deductions
  • Personalized solutions by professionals with a focus on your industry
  • Guidance with accounting essentials, tax planning and bookkeeping challenges
  • Advice on how to scale your business
  • And much more

How do I find the right TaxDome Advisor for me?

  1. Go to the TaxDome Advisor Directory
  2. Type in the service name, location and/or use the shortcuts, ‘Most viewed services’
  3. Sort the results by the most viewed, by name from A-Z, or Z-A
  4. Decide if you need a remote or local specialist
  5. Select the preferred candidates
  6. Check their profiles, credentials, website to narrow down the search

I chose an Advisor, what’s next?

Every TaxDome Advisor has a unique workflow, but most will generally follow this procedure:

  • You start by sending a message via the Send message button in the Advisor’s profile. Here, you can request references if needed.
  • You’ll then hold an introductory conversation, where the Advisor will learn about your specific needs and pain points.
  • The Advisor will follow up with a formal proposal.
  • Depending on your preferences, you’ll either develop the working plan together or the Advisor will develop it independently.
  • Once developed, you’ll likely hold at least one training session.

Can I become a TaxDome Advisor?

If you want to qualify as a TaxDome Advisor and get listed in the Directory, read more about it on the official page and send your request to join via the Apply Now button.

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Anastasia Giles

Anastasia Giles

Anastasia is a product manager at TaxDome, where she designs, implements and delivers various projects. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee with friends.

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