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Introducing the TaxDome Advisor Directory: Increase Your Firm’s Visibility and Win New Clients

Introducing the TaxDome Advisor Directory: Increase Your Firm’s Visibility and Win New Clients
Peter Iliev

Peter Iliev

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We are excited to announce the launch of the TaxDome Advisor Directory – a marketplace to connect firms with client leads who are looking for accounting and bookkeeping professionals globally. By becoming a Certified TaxDome Advisor, your firm gets listed in the Advisor Directory and advertises to prospects at zero cost.

Why get listed in the TaxDome Advisor Directory?

  • New stream of leads
  • Opportunity to monetize your expertise
  • Integrated with Google to showcase your existing reviews
  • Organic traffic and higher positions in Google
  • Increase visibility and amplify your brand
  •  Meet prospects who are looking for your specific industry niche
  • Connect with prospects without intermediaries or third parties
  • Work with clients locally and/or remotely
  • Exclusive to TaxDome firms and at 0 cost

What is a TaxDome Advisor & what do they do?

TaxDome Advisors are top-rated independent professionals with deep knowledge of the accounting industry and advisory services. They provide financial guidance, and valuable advice and comprehensive training to business and individual clients locally and remotely.

The TaxDome Advisor Directory is designed for:

  • Experts in Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Advisory services
  • Industry novices looking to build their book of business
  • Growing firms aiming to improve brand awareness and expand offerings

How can tax and accounting firms become TaxDome Advisors?

Take the following steps to get listed in the Advisor Directory:

  1. Sign up to TaxDome
  2. Request to be listed

  a. Complete your profile by specifying services, industries served, location

  b. Customize logo and description

  c. Integrate Google to showcase existing reviews

3 Pass review & get approved for listing

How can I, as a client seeking a tax or accounting professional, benefit from a TaxDome Advisor?

Vetting vendors is hard. It’s even more crucial when you’re talking about someone who will have access to your personal and business financial data, assisting with either compliance or with future planning.

The TaxDome Advisor directory is here to bridge the gap and make it easier.

Through the Advisor directory, you are able to find tech-forward firms who serve your specific industries and can deliver the precise services you need. You can decide if you want someone who works remotely and locally, or if you want someone only in your area. Additionally, you are able to see the Google Reviews for each Advisor, making it easier for you to make educated decisions about who you want to work with.

This is the 2022 version of Angi’s list, specifically for Tax & Accounting Professionals. 

Below are a list of services currently offered in the Advisor directory:

  • Accounting
  • Tax Planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation
  • Payroll
  • Fractional CFO
  • Tax Resolution
  • Audit
  • Financial Planning

Looking for advice?

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Peter Iliev

Peter Iliev

Peter manages all activities involved in sales, partnerships, operations, customer care, and support systems. His highest priority is customer satisfaction. He believes that this is key to a successful company. He takes up an analytical role in the company when they assess and evaluate its effectiveness. To keep his mind focused, Peter practices martial arts, which allows him to stay disciplined and grounded.

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