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March 2021 Update

March 2021 Update
Maria Kris

Maria Kris

6 Min

A big request from the community was to enable multiple signers for contracts. This month, we’ve delivered on that request. This month also includes a huuuge transformation for your workflow whether you do tax, accounting, or bookkeeping. You now have a robust tool to add predefined context and deadlines to all your jobs automatically. 

Soon you will be able to create recurring Jobs from templates and utilize Automove to track their progression from start to finish without lifting a finger.

📚 Document Workflow

Contracts support multiple signers

Contracts are now able to be signed by as many contacts as you need, for example, both spouses or multiple partners in an entity. Each contact now has a setting of ‘signs contracts’.

By default, all contacts with login access are able to ‘Signs contracts’. To remove a contact from being a required signer, click the 3 dots next to the contact and select ‘does not sign contracts’.


Organizer: document names no longer modified on uploads

Previously, if your client uploaded documents via the organizer, the document name was changed to the name of the question. The question name is now stored (clients can modify it as they wish) as the description of the file (the document name is not altered).

🤖 Workflow Automation

New: Job Templates

Job Templates allow you to add predefined context to Jobs automatically. You can predefine description, priority, due dates, and comments.

Use case (Tax): When you create 1120-S Jobs for a hundred of clients in bulk, you can have a predefined due date for all of them (Mar 15, for example).

Use case (Bookkeeping): All bookkeeping Jobs can have a pre-determined due date of 28 days after the Job is created, coupled with specific notes and guidelines on how to complete it. For all of your monthly bookkeeping clients, new Jobs can be created which will trigger reminders to clients to update statements monthly and pay their monthly invoice.


Job cards now reflect (#) of unfinished items

Job cards now indicate the total number of to-do items: unfinished organizers, tasks, unsigned contracts and documents, and unpaid bills. You can simply hover over this (#) to see what’s pending.

Previously, the (#) next to a job reflected only the number of outstanding tasks. 

Soon, more helpful visual cues in Job cards to give you the information you need even faster.

Edit tasks with fewer clicks

You can change start and due dates, statuses and priority of tasks on the screen, without opening the task window. 


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Inbox+: mute email threads 

When a contact is linked to multiple accounts, you can now assign an email thread to specific account(s), thereby muting it for certain accounts to keep things organized. 

Use case: one contact (Kate Smith) is the liaison for both her family tax return as well as two entities you are working on (see: How to set up accounts), but she uses the same email for all of them. If Kate emails you about her personal taxes, you can mute that thread for the two entity accounts with one click directly from your Inbox+.

Assign tags in bulk during import

Importing clients just got a little easier — now you can assign tags to Client Accounts during the import process, saving you clicks.


Editing tags available

You can now edit existing tags — both names and colors. We’ve also added more stats regarding how many Client Accounts and tasks a particular tag is applied to. 


New Email Notification

Stay in the know of client updates without being CC’d — you can now receive email notifications about new emails between your colleagues and clients that you’re assigned to.

Use case: Sam and Sarah are both working on a client. Sam and the client discuss paperwork over e-mail, forgetting to CC Sarah. Because of email sync, Sarah sees these emails in her personal inbox (as well as Inbox+!) and is aware of their agreement.


🖥️ Desktop Apps

Windows App

TaxDome Windows App is now available on Windows Server installations. You can upload, move files and send them to TaxDome from your TaxDome Drive. Soon, Windows Server installations will be able to utilize the print to TaxDome feature, as well.

If you encounter bugs, you can now report issues directly within the Windows app by right-clicking on the menu bar. Describe the issue and click ‘Send’ — all log files, operating system information and  screenshots of the window where you reported the bug will be attached to your request automatically, helping us diagnose your issue to resolve the error.

Mac App

You can now lock documents to bills when utilizing CPACharge (not only Stripe). You can also see file upload progress during bulk upload.

To update to the new version: you will be prompted when you open the app, or you can download the latest version from Settings in the web browser.

New file upload progress bar in the Mac app.

🔥 Other 

  • File upload size increased. Your clients can upload files up to 200MB (instead of 100MB, as before).
  • Date picker redesigned: The old design was hard to use! 
  • You can now modify task assignees when moving Jobs from stage to stage. Use case: You have unfinished tasks in a Job, but the assignee is out sick. You can easily reassign those tasks to a colleague without leaving the Job card. More>>
  • Help new clients trust you more. See how Total Tax Services uses automated onboarding for lead capture: Watch>>
  • Grow your team and revenue with TaxDome. See how Joseph & Hetrick, LLC are growing their revenue by 50% this tax season. Read>>

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features, which we covered in the previous post.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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