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Stephanie Papini CPA Experience: Building an Accounting Business After Maternity Leave

Stephanie Papini CPA Experience: Building an Accounting Business After Maternity Leave
Maria Kris

Maria Kris

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Meet Stephanie Papini — a Toronto based CPA with a background in an auditing firm. While on maternity leave, Stephanie started building her own accounting business taking on clients from a retiring family member. Stephanie is now looking for a perfect lifestyle balance where she can automate most parts of the business with TaxDome and spend more time with her kids.

“I’m content with taking on existing clients and adding a few here and there while my kids are small. TaxDome automations help me make the most of my time. In five years, when I have more free time, I’d like to grow my business. 

I would like to have a very busy tax season and then a quiet time. I hear more and more from Facebook groups that people out there are processing 200-300 tax returns in a tax season. It didn’t seem like it was possible before, but with TaxDome it does.”

Learn how Acade Tax Services processes 1,000 returns per tax season as a solopreneur.

Watch Stephanie Papini talking about growing her accounting business:

First tax season after maternity leave

After branching out on her own, Stephanie didn’t have software and processes in place. Luckily, her friend mentioned TaxDome.

“I did a demo, looked at everything and it felt right. I decided to give it my best. So I jumped in and have been very happy.” 

Stephanie jumped into TaxDome in January. Time off on maternity leave allowed her to start preparing beforehand: build a website, transition clients and their data. Although she was using just 30% of TaxDome functionality, it was enough to build a sufficient document management process.

Watch Stephanie Papini explaining how she was getting started with TaxDome:

Working solo, Stephanie knew that she needed a simple system, not a set of tools and an IT team to integrate them together. TaxDome was the right fit:

“One of the things that I liked in TaxDome is that it was all there. I didn’t have to get 8 different things and integrate them. While others talk about integrations, I want it simple and all in one place. I’d like to get really good at one thing, which is accounting, and have TaxDome for everything else”. 

Document management made simple

Secure document storage and e-signatures were must-haves for Stephanie when choosing software. Stephanie Papini CPA managed to build ​​a seamless document management workflow using the combination of TaxDome tools.

Stephanie’s favorites for document management:

  1. Secure document storage — secure & unlimited workspace to easily access client data. 
  2. E-signatures — unlimited e-signatures make the tax prep process fully remote.
  3. Print to TaxDome — the ability to print tax returns into a client’s file in TaxDome with one click.
  4. Virtual Drive — opening and editing documents in place so that all changes autosave without needing to upload a new version. 

Watch Stephanie Papini explaining how she simplified document management with TaxDome:

Meeting client expectations

Stephanie Papini CPA positions itself as a tax firm with a personal touch. But different generations require a different touch.

“My younger clients are thrilled about the portal, they don’t even know why I’m asking them if they’re having any issues. However, finding ways to get the older generation on board has been my biggest challenge. I had somebody telling me that they signed a piece of paper and scanned it, and they were trying to get it onto the portal to provide me with their e-signature.”

This is a common challenge tax and accounting professionals face when becoming virtual. We recommend showing value to your older clients. They are probably on Facebook looking at their grandkids photos — they’re willing to use technology because they see value in it. Showcase that they won’t need to print and scan documents, drive to your office, or book an appointment beforehand. Many tax professionals record instructional videos and include them into message templates.

Learn how Tax Therapy LLC got their elderly clients to get used to a new system.

For her second tax season with TaxDome, Stephanie is all set with workflow automations that help her communicate with clients and get things done on time.

Watch Stephanie Papini sharing her clients’ experience and expectations:

Working solo? Build business and client relationships with TaxDome Lite at $25 per month.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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