Jan 30 2020 / TaxDome Updates

TaxDome Q4 Updates

TaxDome Q4 Updates
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

6 Min

A ton of exciting updates came out during our last development cycle—check out what’s new on TaxDome!

We’ve introduced customizable Organizers, added unlimited E-signatures, separated Accounts & Contacts, launched Automated Actions, and much more!

📋 Customizable Organizers

For the past month, we’ve been hard at work making the Organizers feature more powerful and intuitive. We’re super excited to introduce those improvements to you.

Here’s what has changed:

  • Organizers are now customizable! Why provide the same question set to your business & personal clients? With a full arsenal of question types at your disposal, you can provide your clients with a higher-level experience by providing targeted questions to fit their situation.
  • Create your own or utilize our template library. Edit our templates, use them as is, or make new ones from scratch or by duplicating existing templates – it’s up to you! We will continue to grow our library with new templates.
  • Organizers can be sent ad-hoc, or automated via pipelines (see below!)
  • Both you and your clients will love how organizers save time and back-and-forth. More organizer updates to come!

✍🏽 Unlimited E-Signatures

We consider our new e-signature feature one of our most significant to date. Weeks in the making, it is our response to dozens of your requests. The integrated E-signatures feature allows your clients to quickly and easily sign their documents directly on TaxDome in whichever spot you need them to. You can now replace your existing DocuSign, RightSignature, Adobe, etc. We’re very excited about this addition and will continue to add more functionality.

  • Mark up the document to indicate where the client needs to sign, date, or initial. More fields are coming in future releases.
  • Once the client has signed from their portal or from the TaxDome mobile app, you’ll see the completed document in their profile and will be able to download it.

🤖Workflow Automation

In the months following the launch of Pipelines, we’ve seen that it has been a real success based on usage data and client feedback. Many firms are optimizing their workflow using the feature. And with your feedback, we’re constantly improving the functionality and making it a priority. Here’s a quick rundown of our new changes:

  • You can now add Automated Actions to a Pipeline. For example, when clients enter the second stage of your Pipeline, you may want an email to go out to the client, an Organizer to get sent, and a Task created for your admin. This can now happen automatically, based upon your specific needs. And, because each Pipeline is fully customizable, you can have different automations for different processes (Bookkeeping, Prospects, and Corporate Tax Returns are not one in the same!). More automations to come.
  • Do you appreciate visual cues? Color icons show the different statuses of Tasks within a Pipeline. With a quick glance, you can see how many outstanding Tasks there are within a stage, if any are overdue, and if you’re all done.
  • Helpful tips & tricks. As you move a client from one stage to the next, you will be shown the automations that will be triggered (with the ability to remove any that may not be necessary). Easy clean-up – if there are any incomplete Tasks, with one click you can decide what you wish to do with them: keep active, mark complete, or delete if they are no longer necessary.
  • Along with automated actions, we’ve released templated Tasks, emails, and Organizers. Tasks no longer require a client assignment, so you can use Tasks for any kind of to-do, such as moving to a new office or organizing a New Year’s Eve party for your team. Having the ability to create Task templates will save you loads of time. Plus, you’ll receive notifications in your Inbox+ about Task assignments and status updates.

📇 Introducing Contacts

We’ve separated Accounts (entities that clients can log on to) & Contacts. Not all your contacts on TaxDome need to be clients. You can add other key people to your TaxDome rolodex; prospective clients, partners and family members of clients, or anyone you might need to get in touch with.

  • Import your Contacts directly from Outlook, Gmail, or Apple.
  • Pre-defined fields not enough? Create custom CRM fields. Any such fields in your existing contact list are automatically transferred during import.
  • If you are concerned about ending up with duplicate listings, you need not worry. TaxDome detects these and shows them to you, so that you can decide whether the two contacts need to be merged.

👀 Visual Improvements and User Experience

We’ve made a number of usability improvements to make you love TaxDome even more.

  • Enhanced pagination. If you feel there are too many clients listed on one page (a “good problem”), you can now set how many rows you see per page: 25, 50, 100, or even 250.
  • Quick search Help. The blue question mark at the top-right corner of your screen has a search field directly tied to TaxDome Help. Try typing a topic in the question search field, and you will be instantly redirected to a comprehensive help page.
  • App icons on login pages. Your clients can respond and pay faster if they’re using the TaxDome mobile app. To help them get it, we’ve added our mobile app icons and links to your firm’s login page as well as to their client portal. And we also have a separate user guide on how to install and use our app.
  • Filter Updates. Have you seen our revamped filters yet? They are now perfectly placed on your screen, so it’s much easier to filter by team member and/or tag. We’ve also added filters to Inbox+. Finally, you can now use quick filtering by clicking on a tag in a list.

Additional Updates:

  • Document upload speed. Documents are now uploaded to Private by default. This speeds up the uploading process and also ensures that your documents are never accessed by clients until you move them to Public. You can also drag and drop documents or entire folders directly into your Virtual Drive. Note – we are in the middle of a big redesign for uploading files, making it even easier!
  • Bulk tags. It’s now much easier to assign a tag to multiple clients. Instead of navigating to your clients’ profiles one by one, you can select multiple clients, and then quickly add, remove, or replace their tags.
  • Email signature. You can now add a custom signature to your emails sent from TaxDome. Use formatting, images, links, or whatever else strikes your fancy.
  • Desktop Apps for your staff. Your entire team can now download and use our desktop app to upload files faster.
  • Additional access rights. You can now allocate which of your team members can edit tags, pipelines, contact fields, templates, or see a billing history.

But instead of us telling you about all the new things you can do on TaxDome, why not try them yourself? And if you’ve got questions or feedback about our new features or want to share an Organizer you’ve made, join us on TaxDome Community on Facebook where you can do just that!

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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