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Why TaxDome is Unique, According to Greg’s Tax Service

Why TaxDome is Unique, According to Greg’s Tax Service

Welcome to #TestimonialThursday! This week’s interview is with Greg Bayramian, founder of Greg’s Tax Service, Inc., a tax preparation firm that has been serving clients from Contra Costa County, California since 1994. They were struggling with finding a workflow management solution for their team, but eventually have gotten much more.

Why did you choose TaxDome?

I learned about your services by reading these very testimonials. 

About nine months ago, I started looking for a workflow program. We had procedures  set up in the office, but I’d never know when things would get done. We used yellow stickies, we tried to organize our inboxes, etc., but we were lost. So I started googling and searching for a solution. I did a lot of research but still remained undecided. Then there was a California Society of Enrolled Agents event in Reno, Nevada, and TaxDome was there demonstrating the product. 

After I saw it live and had my questions answered, I quickly realized how modern it was and that it was something my clients would enjoy. So I signed up. Once I started to incorporate TaxDome in my office, your team answered all my questions, was willing to update the program, and really listened to my concerns to improve the product to make it better.

How has integrating your business process with TaxDome made a difference for your firm?

It’s made a huge difference: Now nothing is missed. For example, last February some nonprofit returns got lost in the shuffle. I had gotten really busy and totally forgot to file for extensions. Those nonprofits received huge penalties, and their returns were late. Luckily, I was able to get the penalties waived. With TaxDome, that can never happen. With each client, we are prompted to do all the steps in the tax-preparation process as they become due. We are now organized. Nothing is ever missed: not deadlines, not tax returns. Everything is done in TaxDome.

The Pipelines are super helpful. In the past, we never knew what stage of the process a client was in, but now that’s clear. We always know what we have to do and when. The whole office knows where every client is at any given point in time. Anyone working on a case can update that account and move it over. This saves us time because we don’t have to update one another—we can all see the current status of the work progress in TaxDome, even when we’re not in the office.

And our clients LOVE IT. We’ve gotten so much great feedback, which is critical. Previously we had been using Smartvault. But now our clients say they find TaxDome modern, easy to use, and well-organized. It doesn’t feel like a burden to them but like  an added bonus. And because we are able to provide them with high-quality technology, they view our business in a better light. 

I had used Smartvault because they were integrated with my Tax Software. I didn’t know anything else was out there until I started looking. Now, my Tax Software is trying to copy TaxDome by creating their own workflow program. I’d never want to do that because I might at some point want to switch tax software. I’d be stuck! This way I keep my workflow process separate from my tax program to ensure I am not beholden to them.

What do you like most about TaxDome?

I like the tasks and pipelines the most. Those features make everything organized and easy to keep track of.

We always consider adding improvements to TaxDome and like to let you know about our updates and expected roll-out dates. Are there features that you feel are missing? Or features you wish we would add?

I would like to have a Stripe reader. A lot of our clients receive our services in person, and they don’t want to have to log in to TaxDome to pay.

The billing definitely needs some improvements. A client came in the other day, and we weren’t able to complete everything because he wanted to give us his credit card to pay instead of paying himself.

I understand that the client can pay on his phone app, but sometimes people don’t want to deal with it. Old habits are hard to break. I am told that a Stripe or Square reader may be coming in 2020. 

We are currently working on a Square integration. Anything else you’d like to add?

The team is so on top of it. You respond, you get back to us, you take care of things—we genuinely feel you are trying to make the program better. I just love that. So many programs in the past ignored us. Multi-billion dollar corporations don’t care what the small people say, and it takes forever to see any changes. I really feel you are constantly trying to keep the program new, and you really don’t see that a lot. You guys are unique, and it seems you are extremely hard workers. I love how you guys run your business.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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