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Why TaxDome Never Goes on Sale

Why TaxDome Never Goes on Sale
Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

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Waiting for a Black Friday to purchase TaxDome? Well, wait no longer — it’s never going on sale.


While many companies dole out large discounts on certain holy consumer days of the year, at TaxDome we prefer to keep our pricing simple and boring all year long. 

We believe that discounted prices don’t always mean that you’re getting a ‘great’ deal

  1. Companies often increase physical goods prices beforehand, as described in this BBC story
  2. A digital product could simply be overpriced and the company is ready to sell it cheaper. 

At TaxDome, we are focused on delivering a high-quality product at a great price, all year long. We don’t believe that people who lie in wait for a discount should pay a lower price than those who don’t. We want accounting firms to be able to automate their business no matter the season. 

Starting this year, TaxDome offers two pricing plans

  • TaxDome Pro at $50 per month – an integrated hub for client, team, and document management with online payments & practice management automations.
  • TaxDome Lite at $25 per month  – CRM and client portal with unlimited document exchange, storage & e-signatures.

And no hidden fees.

 In addition to the first class product that garnered over 1,500 reviews, and that replaces a dozen other tools, you get:

  1. Free training and implementation sessions
  2. Unlimited contacts, document storage, and e-signatures
  3. Free bespoke service to import your clients 
  4. Free website hosting (PRO)
  5. Free website building and client importing services (PRO)

Don’t wait for sales, automate your practice when you need to.

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya is the Co-Founder & CMO of TaxDome; an all-in-one solution for tax and accounting professionals to manage their practice smarter, faster, and more affordably.

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