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Workflow Automation Improvements: Adding Context to Jobs

Workflow Automation Improvements: Adding Context to Jobs
Constantine Vasilakis

Constantine Vasilakis

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Your client record may contain many documents, bills, organizers, contracts, time entries, etc (“objects”). We’re excited to announce that you can now link all of these objects and more to a specific job, adding context and ease of record-keeping. When automated actions trigger the creation of the aforementioned objects, they will automatically be linked to the job.

How Jobs Work

Jobs are the individual projects that you’re working on (2019 Tax Return, Q1 Quarterly Sales Tax Filing, Sep 2020 Bookkeeping, etc). As each job moves through a pipelineautomations (fully customizable) may be triggered to help streamline your practice, save you time, and ensure your process is foolproof.

What’s New

You can now link specific objects within a profile to a specific job. So if you are working on a 2019 tax return, you can see the related organizer, the relevant contract, and the associated documents in one place. Similarly, if you are working on January Bookkeeping, you can see the relevant client tasks, firm tasks, secure messages, contracts, etc.

These objects are linked automatically if created through automatic actions and may also be linked manually.

Even when Jobs are complete and archived, linked items will remain and data will stay intact.

What Is the Difference Between Jobs & Tasks?

Tasks are a very useful feature to help keep track of internal firm to-do’s for you & your staff. And many of our long-standing clients wonder, why use Tasks? Very simple: Automation and context. A job may have many associated tasks, many messages, contracts, etc. and a job may trigger automations.

The main reason that remains to use tasks as a standalone item is recurrence, but we are happy to announce that our in the very near future Jobs will allow for recurrence and custom schedules.

Tasks created through automated actions within Jobs are automatically linked to them. If any tasks are manually created, they can also be linked to a job.

Add More Automation

Using automated actions you save time and allow you and your staff to focus on higher value work, while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Customizable automated actions allow you to set up custom processes and automations for each business process (Pipeline). As an example, as a job begins, you can send an intro email to the client, create an internal task, send the client a contract, and create specific folder templates — all automatically, without your intervention.

Coming soon: Jobs will move automatically through the pipeline once required objects are complete. For example, as soon as a client signs the contract, the job can move to the next stage, triggering an internal task for your team to get started. Our ready-made templates are here for you to use, and our support team is always available to help you set up your processes exactly how you want them.

Constantine Vasilakis

Constantine Vasilakis

As a CPO, Constantine is responsible for TaxDome's constant improvement. His top priority is helping TaxDome users do their job more effectively and with less stress. He's passionate about collecting first-hand customer feedback and delivering the right features at the right time.

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