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Top accounting job boards and sites to find your next employee

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Accounting as a field remains an indispensable aspect of running a business or organization. Since the job requires outstanding skills and experience, many organizations with vacant accounting positions may need help with recruiting. 

Thankfully, the internet offers numerous advertisement opportunities for employers, with several niche-specific platforms where employers can find accounting candidates who meet their requirements.

If you own or work with a company with vacant accounting positions, an appealing full-time job advertisement will no doubt gain the interest of prospective employees. But what are the specific platforms that allow you to advertise?

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list detailing the best accounting job boards where your next employee is likely waiting to see your job ad. We have also included information on pricing, upsides and downsides, as well as tips on how to best write your ad.

Accounting job boards

Below details a comprehensive compilation highlighting the best job boards for accounting professionals:

American Accounting Association (AAA)

American Accounting Association

The American Accounting Association  has high ratings for helping companies find qualified jobseekers in the accounting space within the USThe Association’s official job posting site reaches more than 7,000 registered employment seekers. Browsing through the website, you’ll find a career and development section, which is where you can post information about vacancies. However, you have to first register as a prospective employer, and choose a package that’s right for you.

Pricing Description

The American Accounting Association provides three packages:

  • Basic ($435): 30 days of job posting with unlimited words
  • Enhanced ($725): 60 days of job posting with unlimited words, plus featured company and spotlight job perks
  • Premium ($975): 60 days of job posting with unlimited words, featured company and spotlight job perks, plus partner networking and monthly job watch emails

Pros and cons of the American Accounting Association

Pros Cons
The site caters to accounting professionals Employment opportunities are not posted on the AAA social media accounts
Registered website members get monthly emails with updates No free option
Provides distinct pricing packages and durations for job posts (30- and 60-day) to fit various spending abilities. Platform has zero ATS integration
Companies can browse job seeker resumes Cost of job postings is high

Visit the job board of the American Accounting Association (AAA).


eFinancialCareers job board

With approximately 1.8 million visitors every month and more than 3.7 million annual applications, this global job platform for accountants can easily call itself the best place for companies to find talent. Alongside the various roles in accounting available to job seekers, this platform also provides results for any job search relating to technology, banking, and finance.

eFinancialCareers can also be used by employers to promote their businesses and increase the audience they reach through the following features:

  • Banners and articles
  • Listings (sponsored)
  • Targeted emails
  • Social media strategy

Pricing Description

The cost at which employers can enjoy eFinancialCareers services is only available upon request.

Pros and cons of eFinancialCareers

Pros Cons
Website only caters to accounting professionals  Pricing is only available upon request
Allows resume database to be accessed
Worldwide reach
Opportunities for branding

Visit the eFinancialCareers job board.


IHireAccounting job board

iHireAccounting serves as one of the few accounting job posting platforms that can boast 130,000 users and 30,000+ monthly visitors. This board also features an 860,000-individual-strong database within the US.

With iHireAccounting, employers who frequently scout professionals in the accounting field can opt in for custom packages that include job postings and the resume search. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration is also available. 

Pricing Description

iHireAccounting comes with a free trial, and how much you pay depends on how many job slots you want. This is how pricing works:

  • One slot: $349 monthly
  • Three slots: $450 monthly
  • Ten slots: $799 monthly

On iHireAccounting, you can also pay a monthly fee of $450 for a service that allows you to search resumes. 

Pros and cons of iHireAccounting

Pros Cons
Platform is created solely for accounting professionals No free trial
Ability to search resume Posting a job is cost-intensive 
Employers can post customized job ads  Extra payment for any ATS integrations
Branded job email notifications, and various extra features

Visit the job board of iHireAccounting.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants job board

When keeping an eye out for a great job board for accountants, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants stands out from the rest. Although the site provides more than 23,000 job listings for diverse financial employment positions to its 700,000+ registered membership database every month, most of these opportunities cater to accountants. 

Its wide reach consists of individuals from 150 countries who are at various stages of their accounting careers and are looking for employment. You can use this platform to brand both how your business appears in the search results and in the notifications sent to prospective employees. The site’s reviews are stellar.

Pricing Description

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants charges UK firms £495 and up monthly for services rendered. On the other hand, the job posting platform is freely accessible to employers that are not within the UK.

Pros and cons of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Pros Cons
Caters only to professionals within the accounting industry  Few active monthly users
Employment notifications get communicated to registered employment seekers via emails
The option of the free plan is available to companies that are non-UK 
Easy global access to the platform 

Visit the job board of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


FinancialJobWeb.com job board

FinancialJobWeb.com offers services for individuals in the insurance, finance and the accounting industry. The platform provides job listings to more than 74,000 prospective job seekers and makes use of software, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to help employers find candidates who meet their particular job requirements.

FinancialJobsWeb provides features such as email notifications and other branding opportunities for employers. It also gives companies the freedom to register a public account for their company.

Pricing Description

Although employers can use the platform’s database free of charge, a $20 fee has to be paid to view each prospective employee’s contact details.

Alternatively, Financial Jobs Web offers three monthly subscriptions that allow you to post jobs for 30 days, along with other perks: BRONZE Package ($225), SILVER Package ($325) and GOLD Package ($425). 

The site also offers single job postings, ranging from $225 to $310 as well as credits subscriptions that range from $500 to $1050 annually.

Pros and cons of FinancialJobsWeb.com

Pros Cons
Companies can create public profiles Other professionals can access job postings using the site alongside accounting professionals 
A database of 74,000+ employment seekers gives companies plenty of options Does not have a free option available
Users can browse resumes in the database
Ads are also posted on other websites
Branding opportunities including spotlight on in search results, home page placement, etc. 

Visit the job board of FinancialJobsWeb.com.

Accounting Crossing

Accounting Crossing job board

Another site that caters specifically to US accountants is Accounting Crossing. You have to register in order to be able to post an ad.  Registration is followed by the 14-day free trial period during which you have access to all paid features. 

Pricing Description

Accounting Crossing offers a freemium account that allows employers to list unlimited  job posts without paying. However, extra benefits are unavailable for this account type. Premium plans begin from $399 monthly. Here is a list of the paid packages:

  • Recruit: $399 monthly
  • Professional: $699 monthly
  • Partner: $999 monthly
  • Master: $1,999 monthly

Pros and cons of Accounting Crossing

Pros Cons
Freemium is available No opportunities for branding
Access to the resume database The site does not support integrations from third-party sources
Qualified candidates receive notifications about employment opportunities
Caters to accounting professionals

Visit the job board of Accounting Crossing.

Accounting Jobs Today job board

Accounting Jobs Today serves as an accounting job site that targets job seekers looking for jobs in the general accounting space in the US, with thousands of professional accountants relying on the site to find new employment options. Therefore, it is clear that this website should rank high for companies that are looking to employ accountants.

Pricing Description

An Accounting Jobs Today basic plan goes for $259 monthly and permits you to put up one ad. The platform provides extra features that are available at a premium. Here are some  of them:

  • Single resume purchase: $49 per prospect
  • Unlimited resume access: $399 monthly
  • Three job postings: $619 annually
  • Five job postings: $969 annually
  • Unlimited job postings: $10,500 annually
  • Banner ads: $595 monthly

Pros and cons of Accounting Jobs Today

Pros Cons
Focused on the accounting industry No free access
Partner websites such as SmartPROS, WebCPA and AccountingWEB also re-post the job postings Extra costs run up rapidly
Resume access to one resume or unlimited Website does not allow for integration of ATS 
Uses their social media to share jobs 

Visit the job board of Accounting Jobs Today.


LinkedIn job board

LinkedIn provides access to a myriad of industries and professionals. Its massive membership, more than one billion users across 200 countries, and features make it a great networking tool to earn its slot in this review. 

LinkedIn users typically use their profiles as a kind of resume where they itemize their experiences and qualifications. Therefore, employers looking to hire accountants can always engage certain filters in their searches to review profiles of candidates, as well as put up job listings.

An example of using LinkedIn for a job search

Pricing Description

LinkedIn has a scalable pricing structure, with multiple options for employers posting jobs. You can have one job post at a time for free, and it will appear for your connections and in search results.

Pros and cons of LinkedIn

Pros Cons
The site boasts a wide global audience Other professionals from other fields have access to the platform
Profiles of users can be instrumental in determining a prospective employee’s eligibility
A free plan option is available

Visit LinkedIn.

Career Builder

CareerBuilder job board

Career Builder is a job site for different industries, offering innovative solutions for companies—small business, middle market and enterprise—looking to hire top talent. This includes profile branding, automated job postings and an integrated applicant tracking system.

The site pulls in more than 175 million visits each year. And for companies looking to recruit and hire, Career Builder stands out by offering both a pay-as-you-go plan and several monthly subscriptions, plus a free trial that allows you to post a job for five days or until you receive five applications.

Pricing Description

Career Builder offers a pay-as-you-go plan as well as three monthly subscriptions:

  • Pay As You Go ($425 one-time billing): 1 job posting available for 12 months and 150 monthly resume views
  • Lite ($349 per month): 1 job posting available for 1 month and 150 monthly resume views
  • Standard ($449 per month): 3 job postings available for 1 month and 250 monthly resume views
  • Pro ($749 per month): 5 job postings available for 1 month and 300 monthly resume views

Pros and cons of Career Builder

Pros Cons
Offers free trial  Doesn’t cater specifically for accounting jobs
Pay-as-you-go plan available 
Monthly subscription plans tailored for different needs
Integrated ATS with automated job postings

Visit CareerBuilder.

Financial Job Bank

FinancialJobBank job board

Financial Job Bank is a job site catering specifically to the financial industry, listing 60,000+ finance-related jobs with more than 200,000 registered companies. It’s owned and operated by Nexxt – an HR technology company that hosts multiple job sites for different industries.

Recruiters and companies can use Financial Job Bank to list jobs and search for ideal candidates, with standout features that include email campaigns and text campaigns to engage candidates directly.

Pricing Description

Financial Job Bank (Nexxt) offers four monthly subscription plans, depending on the volume of hiring needed:

  • Talent Pro ($199 per month): 1 job slot
  • Recruiter ($299 per month): 5 job slots, up to 150 monthly candidate views
  • Recruiter Premium ($499 per month): 10 job slots, up to 250 monthly candidate views
  • Programmatic Advertising (price based on personal requirements)

Pros and cons of Financial Job Bank

Pros Cons
Designed for jobs in the finance industry No free trial or free version
Provides text communication with candidates
Offers a range of plans for various hiring needs

Visit FinancialJobBank.

How to Enhance Your Accounting Job Ads

Looking for the right person can be overwhelming, which is why focus is key: employers looking for talent in the accounting industry should focus on niche websites to hone in on their search. In addition, here are three tips that can help in improving the job ad you post:

Keep it short

Don’t make the potential candidate read a long description – keep in mind that they likely read descriptions all day. Stand out from the rest by keeping it short and interesting. Spark the interest in their mind by using words that compel them to apply. And remember that the headline should be catchy and brief.

An example of a role description for an accounting manager

For example, this short yet informative brief description of the accounting manager role allows interested individuals to swiftly assess its relevance and apply if it resonates with their interests and career goals. 

Use social media

With more than four billion users globally, social media sites serve as amazing networking tools for experienced workers and may rank high as the best way to find prospective workers. Use your networks to advertise the available accounting roles and increase your chances fo finding the right talent. 

LinkedIn accounting groups and communities

For example, use groups and communities in LinkedIn to expand your networking efforts and discover top talent for your job openings. By tapping into these communities, you may uncover the perfect candidate to enhance your team’s success.

Emphasize benefits

One thing you want to do when putting up job posts is to emphasize the benefits you offer. When the job is interesting and the perks are attractive, you may have the upper hand over other companies. In addition to the benefits, emphasize your company culture and the values of your business – that way you are more likely to find a candidate who will fit in seamlessly. 

Job description example

As an example of promoting company values and culture, this job description includes a mention of the company’s benefits such as diversity and safety for all team members, attracting like-minded individuals who share these values. 


It is apparent that the employment market within the accounting industry is very competitive. Today, employers struggle to hire competent accountants to guarantee that the financial aspect of their businesses gets to run as smoothly as possible. By utilizing the tips and choosing from the breakdown we provided within the article, your accounting job ads can improve significantly and subsequently cause the hiring process to go along much easier. 

Lisa Chaud

Lisa is a marketer at TaxDome. As someone who strives to provide the TaxDome community with the freshest data, she dives deep when conducting market research for accounting and bookkeeping industries. Her enthusiasm for all things accounting is matched only by her dedication to leading a physically active lifestyle that includes dancing and running.

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