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Accounting Web Live Expo

Accounting Web Live Expo
Lisa Chaud

Lisa Chaud

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TaxDome UK kicked off the winter period this year with a 2-day exhibition at the Coventry Building Society Arena on the 30th of November. This exciting event attracted nearly 2,000 accountants from all over the UK and boasted 55 content sessions relating to industry updates and top tips for the upcoming MTD season.

There was a great atmosphere at the venue from day one (which we assume was also fueled by the fact that England won their World Cup game the night before), and we knew that everyone was going to be in good spirits. In addition to all of the accounting software on offer, visitors were encouraged to participate in games, capture memories in the photo booth and talk to any of the number of experts at the event. If you’re a UK-based accountant looking to get a top up on your CPD hours while having a bit of fun, then this was the event for you!

What is MTD?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a part of the UK government’s initiative to facilitate the tax return process and to make it easier for individuals and businesses to stay on top of their affairs. As a mandatory requirement from April 2024, everyone who completes a self-assessment* must keep their records digitally and submit quarterly returns.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to adapt to change, but in order to accommodate the new processes you can always rely the right software. This is also the perfect time to get into good habits with practice management so you can hit the ground running when the MTD season comes knocking at your door. 

How can TaxDome help?

During the event, we showcased our workflow automation platform, which is designed to streamline your processes and save you time. With useful features such as automove, which recognizes the actions completed by your client and then moves the job accordingly, you can finally focus on the more important tasks.

Here are some other useful features that can help you manage the upcoming MTD season:

Automations that simplify your processes:

A happy client means a happy practice. With workflow automations such as secure messages and email automations, you can keep your clients aware of the hard work your team is doing behind the scenes. For example, when your client signs a contract and pays their invoice, you can send an automated email letting them know that you’ve started working on their return and to expect a draft in two weeks. Imagine all the phone calls you would no longer have to answer if you had a system like this.

Through customizable templates for emails, messages, jobs, tasks, contracts, organizers and more, you can set up repeatable and predictable business processes for any type of service you provide. Through the use of our native workflow automation with these templates, you can have a clear visibility of all of your work processes to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. (You can even have a go at creating your own MTD workflow with a 14-day free trial here).

Automatic chasing so you don’t have to: 

Along with the new changes for MTD, we can also anticipate increased levels of communication between you and your clients.

With TaxDome, you can save time for your firm by having automatic reminders doing the chasing for you. Choose your preferred notification frequency and incorporate them into your contracts, organizers, client tasks and more to get what you need, when you need it. 

TaxDome’s Client portal for a stress-free MTD season:

Client management is key to successfully running an accounting firm and providing ongoing value to clients. Having a dedicated portal will make things easier for them, and since we are fully on the cloud, their information will be available both online and on our mobile app anytime, anywhere. 

In a survey conducted with more than 400 accountants, 86% of TaxDome firms were happy with their client portal. However, with other softwares, only 14% were content with the portal they use. The more user-friendly and simple it is, the more likely clients are to perform actions you need from them and the less likely they will ask for help. Client portals such as TaxDome allow you to add custom-branding and gather all your accounting-related activities in one place: document sharing/storage, communication, invoicing, e-signatures and more. 

Get started today!

Support is free and unlimited so you will never be alone in your MTD journey. With multiple channels of support available for you and your team, you’ll have the help you need to get started. 

To learn more about the platform you can schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration here

Lisa Chaud

Lisa Chaud

Lisa is a Marketer at TaxDome. With her experience in B2B and E-commerce, Lisa is passionate about doing marketing research and delivering insights to the community. In her free time, she prefers doing different kinds of sports.

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