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How TaxDome is Helping a Canadian Accounting Firm Achieve Their Goals

How TaxDome is Helping a Canadian Accounting Firm Achieve Their Goals
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

7 Min

Learn how TaxDome has changed the way Canadian firm Eccountant handles practice management.

We want to share with you the story of one of our customers, Eccountant, as told by their CEO Sahil Rajpoot. Eccountant is a CPA firm with a vision to make accounting paperless. Their name was born as a combination of Eco-friendly + Accountant. Since they had a goal to have everything on the cloud (or at least on their computers) they have tried a lot of software vendors. Each of them was missing something important, so they’ve ended up using dozens of varying applications to achieve their business goals. Fortunately, then they found TaxDome.

Eccountant have been using TaxDome for the past year and we asked them to share their experience with our readers.

Why did you choose TaxDome?

Since our start, we have aimed at finding a software that can help us achieve our goal to make accounting a paperless world. However, every app we tried was missing one or more features we needed, which required us utilizing a different software to fill that need. In running our business, we ended up using about 10-12 different applications, each of which required a long learning phase from every member of our team. Moreover, if someone new joined, they again have to go through the process of learning all those apps. The other problem is that all these apps are not seamlessly connected with each other, and even on the ones that integrate with one another, we have to go back and forth to check if the sync is going on properly. Lastly, there is a huge subscription cost to each app our expenses were growing.

The whole goal of using these software tools was to make life easier for our clients and staff and increase efficiency. However, as time went on we felt we are losing control of things as we started to have duplicate data on several apps and also duplication of uploading the same documents on 2-3 different locations and constantly reconciling the various systems.

So, when we were struggling with so many apps we needed something that has everything at one single point. We wanted to have just one place where we get all our information that we need and that’s it.

That’s when we found TaxDome. As soon as I watched the demo video of the features it has I was awestruck thinking this is it…. this is the software designed specifically for an accountant.

The TaxDome team understands what an accountant needs, and if they are missing something they are always willing to improve. They take feedback very seriously and we’ve found that they’ve implemented many of the changes we asked for in a matter of days.

What do you like most about TaxDome?

I like everything about TaxDome but to point out one single thing would be its ability and aim to understand the accounting industry and create a one-stop solution which has everything in it. It’s fantastic that we don’t have to go out and search for other apps.

What are the three TaxDome features most useful to your firm?

  • Being able to read and reply to emails in TaxDome and not to have to go into Outlook to send them is a stunner.
  • Being able to create bills and record time by a client in TaxDome and without the need to go to QuickBooks as all the bills created inside TaxDome automatically sync with QuickBooks — this has been a life saver.
  • Being able to request document approval electronically, along with the audit trail for our firm records, saves us and the client to the hectic process of printing, scanning and uploading documents when we need their feedback.

Also, we and our clients can store as many files as they want, no storage limit makes our client happy because now they don’t have to pay for third-party online cloud storage or buy an external hard drive.

These are a few of the many features we have found most useful.

How have your clients responded to TaxDome?

Most of the clients were very happy and excited about the idea of TaxDome. They liked the possibility of taking a picture from their cell phone & uploading it to their account. Also, with TaxDome there is no need to keep the receipts with them and take care of them.

However, some of them were a little reluctant. They had questions on where the data is stored (is it in Canada)? [Editor’s note — for Canadian firms, yes, it is]. Some are not so tech savvy, so they preferred paper over computers but overall it was a wonderful experience with all our clients.

Are there tedious or time-consuming tasks that TaxDome has helped make easier or more efficient?

Yes, there were lots of such tasks:

How has integrating your business management with TaxDome made a difference for your firm?

It creates a better reputation in the minds of clients when we show that we have a secure portal they can log in to instead of sending sensitive information over email.

It helps us interact with our clients more because they can have every accounting and tax-related document in one place. Whenever they need to refer to it they can log in and download it or share it securely with with third parties if they need to.

In the end, working with TaxDome is helping us get closer to our goal of paperless accounting.

Are there features that you are missing from TaxDome? Or features you wish could be added to TaxDome? (Note that we can consider adding these as well as let you know expected roll-out dates)

Having a cellphone app is a must, and I think TaxDome is already working on it. [Editor’s note — coming soon!] For clients, it’s very hard to go on their email and then click on the link in the email and then type their login & password in a browser. I have had scenarios where the client asked me to send them questions via email rather than sending a request through TaxDome.

Also, TaxDome needs to have more customized Canadian Tax organizer and also needs to introduce features that are customized to Canadian Tax laws overall. [Editor’s note — coming soon!]

Are there any additional thoughts about TaxDome you’d like to share?

TaxDome is a blessing for any accounting firm no matter how big or small. Even a person who just started off his or her practice can use TaxDome. TaxDome no doubt has some ground to cover to become the ultimate one-stop shop for an accountant but the good thing is that their vision is clear and they are working towards it. After trying many different software vendors, right now TaxDome is the best one-stop shop accounting firm software in the market. It can save you & your admins a great deal of work every month. TaxDome has what it takes to be a perfect administrator.

I wish TaxDome and its team all the best and looking forward to many more new cool features and years of virtual accounting with TaxDome.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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