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Introducing TaxDome Consultant Program

Introducing TaxDome Consultant Program
Peter Iliev

Peter Iliev

2 Min

We are excited to announce the launch of the TaxDome Consultant Program, aiming to match verified consultants with firms seeking implementation specialists.

How can a certified TaxDome consultant help your business?

  • Provide a tailor-made service to set up your account and processes
  • Help you define your internal firm processes and optimize them using the power of TaxDome automation
  • Create and set up custom-made templates 
  • White-label your website
  • And much more!


How do I become a certified TaxDome consultant?

  • Be an existing TaxDome customer, agency, accountant, educator, or trainer with solid TaxDome expertise and hands-on experience in setting up TaxDome
  • Complete all introductory TaxDome Academy courses
  • Pass the consultant certification exam

What are the benefits of becoming a certified TaxDome consultant?

  • Financial reward for your services on your terms: you and your potential clients negotiate rate and means of payment independently of TaxDome
  • Official verified consultant badge to showcase your TaxDome expertise 

  • Exclusive support and promotion through our official consultant directory free of charge.
  • Free and unlimited access to all TaxDome education offerings
  • One-on-one sessions with our team to help you succeed

At TaxDome, we are dedicated to providing you with guidance and support so you could consult your customers with confidence.

Find out more about TaxDome Consultant Program.

Peter Iliev

Peter Iliev

Peter manages all activities involved in sales, partnerships, operations, customer care, and support systems. His highest priority is customer satisfaction. He believes that this is key to a successful company. He takes up an analytical role in the company when they assess and evaluate its effectiveness. To keep his mind focused, Peter practices martial arts, which allows him to stay disciplined and grounded.

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