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Introducing TaxDome Marketplace: like the App Store, but for TaxDome templates

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Using templates is one of the many ways you can streamline and optimize your accounting workflows in TaxDome. It’s why we’ve now launched TaxDome Marketplace: a major new functionality allowing you to download industry-leading templates for all of your workflows.

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about TaxDome Marketplace, including:

  • An overview of TaxDome Marketplace 
  • How TaxDome Marketplace will benefit your firm
  • How to become a creator and list your templates
  • How to publish templates
  • Future plans for TaxDome Marketplace

Let’s jump right in.

What is TaxDome Marketplace?

TaxDome Marketplace enables you to discover templates and find best practices from industry experts. Through TaxDome Marketplace, you can download templates made by accounting, bookkeeping and tax experts for everything in TaxDome. Think of the App Store, but for TaxDome templates.

TaxDome Marketplace will replace the template library, offering a newly upgraded place to browse, view and download templates straight to your workplace.

You will find templates made by TaxDome, plus other creators, on TaxDome Marketplace. And by becoming a creator, you can share your templates with the world to get paid and boost your reputation as an industry leader.

How does TaxDome Marketplace benefit your firm?

Here are the key benefits that TaxDome Marketplace will offer your firm:

1. Download templates for everything in TaxDome

TaxDome Marketplace offers a broad range of templates that you can download and use right away — including many free templates.

You’ll find templates for:

So, for every process in TaxDome, whether it’s setting up a workflow (pipeline) or sending an email, TaxDome Marketplace offers a host of ready-made templates for you to browse and choose from. 

And once you copy the templates to your workplace, you can also customize them to your liking — just like any other template in your library.

On TaxDome Marketplace, download templates for pipelines, organizers, folders, chats and more.

2. Get started quickly and implement best practices

Whether you’re new to TaxDome or have been using it for years, downloading an industry-leading template from the TaxDome Marketplace will allow your firm to implement best practices quickly and easily. 

Many firms utilize workflow, but many others see the potential but have yet to pull the trigger. By downloading ready-made templates, you can get started quickly and implement workflow automation in your firm. 

We recently hosted a webinar where we walked through a workflow for tax prep clients and how the automation can be utilized in each stage. To see the replay, check out our blog post. The template discussed in this webinar can be downloaded through TaxDome Marketplace.

One of many free templates on TaxDome Marketplace: Individual Tax Organizer with Conditions.

3. Improve your client experience

The variety of templates on TaxDome Marketplace won’t just help you improve and streamline your firm’s operations; it will also enhance the client experience you offer.

For instance, you can take advantage of the TaxDome Marketplace to download top templates for chats, SMS and emails, which will engage your clients effectively and improve client interactions at all touchpoints.

As another example, downloading top templates for organizers will streamline the onboarding experience for your clients, making it easier—and more enjoyable—for them to submit their information and documents.

1040 Tax Return Pipeline is another free TaxDome template you can download on TaxDome Marketplace.

4. Easily find and browse the best templates for your firm

TaxDome Marketplace makes it easier than ever to find the best TaxDome templates for your firm and industry. 

Using the TaxDome Marketplace, you can sort templates by newest or name (A–Z) and easily browse template listings, as each template displays a name and description, template type, creator logo, publication date and cost.

Clicking on a template also lets you view a text description of the template with images and videos. Descriptions and images will help you decide whether it’s the right template you’re looking for, and videos will allow you to see the template in action to discover more about how it works.

Sort templates by latest and name, with more options to come.

How can you become a creator and list your templates on the Marketplace?

Become a creator and share your templates to TaxDome Marketplace - for free or for a fee.

Have you created templates in TaxDome that can benefit other users? If so, TaxDome Marketplace allows you to share your templates as a creator to promote your brand and get recognized as an industry leader.

As a creator, you can choose to share your templates for free or list them for a fee. And each time a priced template is downloaded, you will be paid through your connected Stripe account. So not only will you be able to build your brand in the industry, but you’ll get paid for your content. You can finally be a content creator and an accountant, without being ironic.

Templates with thorough descriptions and multimedia will be prioritized in search results, so we strongly recommend preparing images and videos to showcase the benefits of your template.

To register as a creator, simply complete the creator application form. You can also access this form on TaxDome Marketplace by clicking “List your templates”.

How to publish templates (once you are an approved creator)

Once your creator application is approved, you will receive an email and a new Publishing page will be added to your workspace. 

As for listing a template, it’s a simple five-step process:

  1. Template: Choose the template category and select the template you want to list from your library
  2. Listing: Type your template name, promotional text and description, then choose the country and language
  3. Multimedia: Add a video link from YouTube and upload images to showcase your template
  4. Pricing: Make your template free to use or set a price (remember: to sell your templates, make sure to set up your Stripe account in TaxDome)
  5. Icon: Upload the creator icon that you want to display with your template listing

Publishing templates to TaxDome Marketplace involves a straightforward five-step process.

What’s coming next for TaxDome Marketplace?

As more and more templates populate TaxDome Marketplace, we plan to release several updates to make it easier for you to browse through the templates. You will be able to filter by country, price, service type and more, as well as search for templates using a convenient text field.

We also plan to implement reviews and ratings for templates, which will allow you to quickly view and browse templates that are highly recommended by other users.

And that wraps up our introduction to the TaxDome Marketplace. Do you have any suggestions for improving TaxDome Marketplace? Let us know through our feature request board! We’re always interested to hear from you.

Josef Hynard

Josef is a content writer for TaxDome who enjoys creating clear, actionable content to inspire readers about TaxDome’s features and updates. When he’s not fitting words together, he likes to read books and work out.

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