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Remote Accounting Firm KML Tax Solutions on TaxDome: ‘Much of What I Needed Is Included in One Software’

Remote Accounting Firm KML Tax Solutions on TaxDome: ‘Much of What I Needed Is Included in One Software’
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

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Welcome to #TestimonialThursday! This week’s interview is with Kristina Leitz, founder of KML Tax Solutions LLC, an accounting firm that provides tax preparation, tax resolution, and payroll services remotely. Read how TaxDome helps Kristina save on third-party services and achieve her goal of having a job that doesn’t depend on where she lives.

Why did you choose TaxDome?

I needed a client-management system. I was having to go back and forth between my own spreadsheets—not the best option. A lot of the services I looked at were too expensive. Then I heard about TaxDome in a Facebook group. I did the demo, and I really liked that much of what I needed was included in one software.

Now, the only thing I do that isn’t on TaxDome is my actual tax preparation. I have a partner who does bookkeeping. He’s a new associate, and I am considering whether I should add him on as an additional user.

What’s been the feedback from your clients?

Previously, I had been using ShareFile to upload and download files. I had to do a lot of organizing, which took up much time. One client said she really likes TaxDome and that it makes it so much to send and receive information. Now, once I’m done with returns or when clients send me documents, everything is organized—and in one place.

I’m fully remote, so all of my clients are on TaxDome now. I don’t work with anyone face-to-face. It has made it much simpler for us to conduct business.

They make my job so much easier! — Kristina Leitz, on using TaxDome’s organizers feature with clients

How has integrating your business process with TaxDome made a difference for your firm?

I feel more organized. Instead of having to go to multiple programs to pull things up, I can go to one place, where I immediately see all my email and documents. And it makes it easy for me to share documents with clients.

The only thing I’m really waiting for is knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

I’m not using tasks as much, but I am using the pipelines feature. I’ve set up a few pipelines: One is for clients who need extensions, a second is for clients with returns that are ready and awaiting review and to be e-filed, and a third is for stages—initial entry, then tax prep.

Each day, I take a look at the pipelines to see where I am situated and what I need to do. I really feel it helps me organize my day better. In February, I don’t get stressed the way I used to!

I enter each client who hasn’t sent me their S corp info into an extension pipeline, then do the extension. That way, I’m less likely to lose anything, the way I used to with an Excel sheet or other applications.

Are you using organizers?

I’ve been using TaxDome’s default ones, but I’ve also been making some myself. I’m trying to get my clients to use my organizers. I’ve had a few of them say, “I’ve seen you forever, why do I need to do an organizer online now?” But they make my job so much easier. I especially like being able to see driver’s licenses—now I have faces for my clients! It’s comforting to know there’s an actual person on the other end.

Do you all work remotely or in an office?

My business has been remote since the beginning. My goal is to eventually move overseas. I don’t want my work to be dependent on where I live.

I am going to France at the end of March. Right now, the majority of my clients are U.S.-based business owners.

France is six hours ahead, so I’ll be able to work in the morning without interruptions, because most of my clients will be asleep.

What do you like most about TaxDome?

I was able to get rid of ShareFile and RightSignature, which saves me $35 a month. That’s almost what I pay for the entire TaxDome license.

Now, I know that I have to budget myself for the annual license when it renews, but I am looking forward to it!

Are you billing through TaxDome?

Yes, I am. For clients, I am doing tax returns only. Otherwise, I use QuickBooks, so they are on automatic payments every month.

If TaxDome eventually allows you to do recurring automatic withdrawal, I will use it instead of QuickBooks.

Until recently, I hadn’t known about the lock-to-bill function because my clients pay in advance for my work. But it’s great to now know that it exists.

What do you think about our Facebook community?

It’s been very helpful because we can see what other users are going through as well as their issues and requests. And the feedback we get from TaxDome is great. Plus, it’s also a place to learn about when your new features are being released.

We always consider adding improvements to TaxDome and like to let you know about our updates and expected roll-out dates. Are there features that you feel are missing? Or features you wish we would add?

The only thing I’m missing is a tool to rotate documents when they upload in landscape rather than portrait mode.

Do you know other people in the industry who use TaxDome?

In a couple of my Facebook groups, I’ve been recommending it. Whenever anyone asks about CRM or practice management software or help with organizing a firm, I mention my experience with TaxDome and how it’s been.

Is it a value add for your clients?

My clients find that they are now more organized—just like me. I’ve only had one complaint, and it had nothing to do with TaxDome; it was from someone who has done things a certain way for many years and didn’t want to change that. They don’t realize this helps me help them—and after this year, I won’t be doing their return anymore. It’s just a bad use of time, and I want to focus on growing my business and staying organized.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Only that TaxDome has definitely been helpful to my business. Thank you!

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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