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Lights, camera, action! – The Digital Accountancy Show (UK) 

TaxDome at the Digital Accountancy Show
Samuel George

Samuel George

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This was TaxDome’s first time exhibiting the Digital Accountancy Show (DAS) in London on 15 June, and what an event it was! Walking through the neon lights and lasers, you might have thought you were walking into some sort of underground club. It created an amazing atmosphere for all the attendees (and exhibitors) and really made the event stand out from the others. The DAS organisers are already looking to expand the event for next year by having a two-day show instead of one day. 

This year’s event was sponsored by Xero and delighted visitors with food trucks, an array of spectacular light demonstrations and so much more. The event was held at Evolution London, which is in the middle of Battersea park where the old power station is situated. It truly is a sight to behold, and we enjoyed loads of views throughout our stay there. Nothing quite beats walking along the Thames through a beautiful summery park to an exhibition venue!

Everything about the event was innovative and refreshing. From the silent talks dotted around the venue to the decorative plant stations by every stall, there was always a space to take a break and absorb all the information. The silent talks were not only refreshing for the attendees but also the exhibitors! Normally, we have to tackle the challenge of presenting TaxDome while a microphone next to us is blaring information about a general topic. At DAS, everyone wore headphones, so the speaker didn’t release any audio into the venue, making it a very different and much less hectic experience. 

TaxDome in the UK

This was TaxDome’s fourth event in the UK, so we started to see a lot of familiar faces and clients, which was great! It was also interesting to get feedback from attendees about our software, so we can continue to learn how our software can meet the needs of UK accountants.

If you missed us at the show, don’t worry, we’ll be exhibiting again soon at Accountex Manchester in September! Come for the info and walk away with some handy merch such as phone holders, screen cleaners, webcam covers, bags and more!

Client meet-and-greet

This is Alina Goldenburg, who recently joined TaxDome and has not looked back since. Before coming to us, with her previous software, she didn’t have a streamlined way of managing her clients nor access to automation functionalities. This made her day-to-day processes more challenging, and created extra work for her she had to follow up with each of her clients manually. But not with TaxDome! With our workflow automation platform and automated reminders, TaxDome does most of the heavy lifting, including the sending of automated reminders. 

How can TaxDome help UK accountants?

During the event, we predominantly showcased our workflow automation platform, which is designed to automate every accounting process from ITSA to VAT and save you time. 

Automations are sent from the workflow to your client’s secure portal, which gives them a platform to store all their documents and communicate with your firm. With useful features such as Automove that recognises the actions completed by your client and then moves the job accordingly, you can finally focus on the more important tasks for your firm.

Get started today!

Support is free and unlimited, so you will never be alone in your TaxDome journey. With multiple channels of support available for you and your team, you’ll have all the help you need to get started. 

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Samuel George

Samuel George

Samuel is the UK Country Manager for TaxDome in charge of all operations within the region. He oversees a wide range of tasks, including sales and product growth. Samuel actively engages in industry events to boost product visibility and partakes in online events such as webinars to share information to his community. Leveraging his expertise, he formulates and executes strategic plans to drive revenue generation and expand market presence.

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