AI-powered reporting & analytics, client-facing job statuses, increased pipeline flexibility, streamlined communication workflows and more.

Mari Sam Mari Sam
May 16 2024
Client Portal Redesigned with To-do List

The client portal homepage now features an easy to read to-do list for your clients to accomplish. The to-do’s include pending signatures, messages, pending contracts, unpaid bills, unread documents, etc.

Constantine Vasilakis Constantine Vasilakis Sep 22 2020
New York is finally allowing e-signatures, joining other 49 states

New York Governor Cuomo signed S.8832 on Aug 24, 2020. This bill authorizes tax preparers to accept electronic signatures on e-file authorizations for purposes of filing tax documents electronically.

Maria Kris Maria Kris Sep 16 2020

Contracts, Zapier, Jobs, Client Portal Improvements and More

Mary Cooper Mary Cooper Sep 13 2020
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TaxDome Now Supports Multiple Languages

Now you and your clients can use TaxDome in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch (along with English).

Maria Kris Maria Kris
Sep 10 2020
TaxDome + Zapier Integration

We are psyched to announce the TaxDome + Zapier integration.You can now connect TaxDome to various other apps you use, such as Google Sheets or Mailchimp.

Constantine Vasilakis Constantine Vasilakis
Aug 21 2020
How Every Accounting Firm Owner Can Scale WITHOUT Investing More

Dream Firms and TaxDome share a core value in that we both believe in slashing unnecessary and expensive costs for your accounting firm while increasing the returns of your investments.

Constantine Vasilakis Constantine Vasilakis Aug 10 2020
Elevating Profits on TaxDome ‘We love that we can request features, and you guys action them’

Find out how a small accounting firm serves a large number of clients thanks to TaxDome’s automation tools.

Mary Cooper Mary Cooper Aug 6 2020
Tina Schinner on TaxDome ‘I Know the Support is There, and This is Very Helpful for Me’

Find out how TaxDome helps an Enrolled Agent stay in touch with her clients and save time with day-to-day operations during busy season.

Mary Cooper Mary Cooper Aug 6 2020