Boost productivity and streamline your workflow with the best document management software for accountants in 2024. Compare features, pros, and cons to make an informed decision.

Mari Sam Mari Sam
Jan 10 2024
How to send tax documents securely: an ultimate guide - Banner

Explore the various options and best practices for sharing tax documents to protect sensitive personal and financial data.

Mari Sam Mari Sam Nov 9 2023
Secure documents sharing and tax document storage with TaxDome.

Explore why secure file sharing is critical for accounting professionals and how to safely transfer confidential tax documents and other sensitive client data.

Lisa Chaud Lisa Chaud Nov 9 2023
Introducing Global Documents: Save Time and Work Smarter in Redesigned Documents Section

Not too long ago, we released a new design for the client portal Documents section, allowing clients to find necessary files much easier and faster and reducing document turnaround time by up to 30%. Our next goal was to provide firms with more centralized and...

Constantine Vasilakis Constantine Vasilakis Oct 20 2022
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kba digital

KBA is required for IRS Form 8879. Here, we analyzed five providers and found out that you are probably paying three times more for KBA than you should.

Maria Kris Maria Kris
Mar 15 2022
How to Get an Electronic Signature From Tax Client, Including Form 8879

E-signatures have become the norm for tax accountants. Here is how an accounting firm can streamline the e-signing process with TaxDome. 

Lisa Chaud Lisa Chaud
Jan 18 2022
How to Document Your Accounting Firm’s Internal Processes

Internal documents in accounting firms hold so much value, so why do accounting firms often fail to update and utilize them like they should? Every accounting firm, regardless of size, should be documenting its best practices, processes, and systems – and they need to...

Lisa Chaud Lisa Chaud Nov 9 2021
The Best PDF Readers for Accountants 

A PDF is the most professional way for accountants to share information. Here are the six top PDF viewer and editor solutions that are currently available. 

Lisa Chaud Lisa Chaud Oct 26 2021
Secure documents sharing and tax document storage with TaxDome.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms must have a secure and easy way to share documents. Tax document storage is important as well. Here are three ways to share secure documents.

Lisa Chaud Lisa Chaud Aug 24 2021