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TaxDome Blog is here!

TaxDome Blog is here!
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

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Greetings and welcome to the TaxDome Blog. The blog and newsroom for TaxDome. We are a cloud-based solution focused on modernizing tax practices and allowing them to spend less time on busywork and more time on billable hours. Being a tax professional means handling dozens of tasks daily. You need to gather and manage your client data, communicate with your clients and with your team members, keep track of the firm workflow, manage billings and invoices, etc.

Who We Are

TaxDome is aimed at helping your tax practice to run like a well-oiled machine. With TaxDome, you can focus on taxes and entrust all secondary tasks to us. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • An entirely new way of client communication – a client portal where your clients can log on and upload documents, settle payments, and resolve any questions you pose for them resulting in flawless collaboration, more transparency, and timely payments.
  • Paperless document management – storing your documents in the cloud means easy access to them anywhere that you can access the internet, better security and saving your valuable time in organizing them.
  • Effective team management – you can assign clients to specific team members, delegate tasks & restrict usage rights to keep client information on a need to know basis. Dashboard tool which allows creating unique tasks for individual team members, track their individual progress, communicate with your entire team, and identify priorities and timelines with ease.
  • Shared team inboxes – email integration with your existing email providers, allowing you to have all client communication, with your entire team, inside the client profile.
  • Integrated online payments – a streamlined client experience that makes paying for your services a truly simple process, increasing the chances of receiving more timely payments from your valued clients.
  • And much, much more.

What’s This Blog About?

In this blog, we will share the best practices about how tax professionals – like you – could simplify their customer interactions and modernizing their business. We’ll describe different parts of our system that seem particularly relevant and practical, along with how to be successful using it.

We will also share with you news and feature releases – our product continues to improve and new tools are constantly added to make our system even easier to use and more powerful for you and your clients.

We expect that other topics, as well as ideas, will come up along the way and hope you will find them relevant. Don’t let this to be one-sided – we also want to hear your thoughts, questions, and perspective. Let’s discuss your tax practice challenges, ranging from client communication to work productivity, from team management to the ways you get paid.

Learn More and Join Us!

We encourage you to visit the TaxDome website and learn about us, about what we offer and who we are. And, do feel free to explore our demo account and contact us for more information!

We hope you find this TaxDome blog useful. Thank you for reading and visiting. Please do not hesitate to post any suggestions for topics or other comments on our Facebook page.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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