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TaxDome participates in events in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

TaxDome participates in events in Sweden, Denmark and Norway
Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

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With the aim of strengthening its brand in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, TaxDome participated in September in three important events in the accounting industry: Regnskabsevent 2022 in Denmark, Ekonomi & Företag 2022 in Sweden and Overskudd 2022 in Norway. These events were aimed at bookkeepers, economists and accountants looking to learn about the best strategies and techniques in the industry.

Read more about the key figures of the Nordic countries accounting industries for Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Some interesting details about the events to highlight:

Regnskabsevent 2022, organized by Foreningen Danske Revisorer (FDR) and Cereda, was held for five days in Kolding Denmark. The event was one of the most important events of the year for the Danish accounting and bookkeeping industry by providing the professionals with updated information and lecturing of industry standards and the future

Exhibitors had the opportunity to present their products and solutions. Especially automating accounting and bookkeeping processes was highlighted during the event.

Carsten H. Fohlmann from Danish Accountants Association (FDR), a TaxDome client and partner for six months, shared his impressions in a brief interview about the TaxDome workflow automation at the Regnskabs event 2022.

Ekonomi & Företag 2022,  coordinated by Easyfairs Nordics and SRF Konsulterna, was held for two days in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to auditors, economists, accountants and bookkeepers. A multi-scene fair with an extensive program covering news, updates, case studies and much more.

With approximately 40 lectures on finance, leadership and entrepreneurship topics, more than 3,000 people attended and were able to see around 80 exhibitors with products and services aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Again automating routine operations played an important role. 

Overskudd 2022, organised by Regnskap Norge, two days full of lectures and exhibitions dedicated to the accounting industry, an industry that advises 70% of Norwegian companies, mainly small and medium sized companies in this Nordic country.

An educational conference with more than 500 participants filled with talks on sustainability, new practices and the job market in the accounting sector, took place in Oslo, Norway.


2022 has been a busy year for us and we are excited to showcase our product in the Nordic countries. All of these events gave us a lot of valuable new information and we received a very warm welcome. Being back in physical events after rough several years really showed and the energy of the attendees was through the roof. TaxDome has a lot to offer for the Nordic market and our aim is to optimize processes for tax, accounting and bookkeeping consultants, to share the latest news of our All-In-One software; focusing on the needs of the current market, primarily in the benefits provided by our mobile application, secure messaging, CRM, workflows and endless automations which our software has to facilitate your daily work.

Did you know that in some of the Nordic countries, the government has applied a scheme where companies can apply funding if they implement software that enables automation of their processes? For example in Denmark companies can apply for up to 100k DKK funding for specific types of software that help them run their business – and TaxDome is one of those softwares. Read more about the scheme in Denmark 

TaxDome is partners with 3 associations in the Nordic Countries. FDR (Foreningen Danske Revisorer) and CEREDA in Denmark and Taloushallintoliitto in Finland, all representing the accounting and bookkeeping industry.

The accounting and bookkeeping industry is progressing fast towards more streamlined and automated processes with new digital solutions emerging in the market. TaxDome is one of those softwares that can help the companies achieve these goals and also prove the financial authorities in the local region that their documentation and planning is on point.

Upcoming Events

In January, TaxDome will be present in Tili -ja Veropäivät 2023 (Tax and Accounting Days 2023) in Finland to take part in the most important event of the year for the industry professionals. 

Curious to learn more about what TaxDome presented at these three important events? Request a live demo today so you can see how TaxDome’s automated workflows, client communication, and CRM tools are extremely high quality and very helpful for your firm.– it’s fast and easy, just like our software! 

Carsten H. Fohlmann, Deputy Chairman at FDR (Foreningen Danske Revisoren) and Director/Auditor at Contar ApS; Hans Christian Ellefsen, Head of Technology and Innovation at Regnskap Norge; Kalle Granlund, Country Manager – Nordics Region;  Rune Aale Hansen, CEO at Regnskap Norge; Jesper Nørly, Director at CEREDA and CEO at BrighterDay – Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll; Peter Skjerning, Chairman of the Board at CEREDA and Owner of; Hans Christian Ellefsen, Head of Technology and Innovation at Regnskap Norge; Rune Aale Hansen, CEO at Regnskap Norge; Ekaterina Verulidze, Operations Manager at Baltic Hus Regnskap AS; Ahmed El Hassouni, Owner and Authorized Accountant at Vistas Revisor ApS

Ahmed El Hassouni, Owner and Authorized Accountant at Vistas Revisor ApS; Rikke Hartsø,: Bookkeeping Consultant at LH Revision ApS; Andela ZivkoviC, Accounting consultant at Libredo; Elias Hedlin, Business Development/Co-Owner at Libredo; Kalle Granlund, Country Manager – Nordics Region; Andela Zivkovic, Accounting Consultant at Libredo Ekonomi; Elias Hedlin, Business Development/Co-Owner at Libredo Ekonomi; Gevorg Simonyan, Founder at Libredo Ekonomi; Satenik Igityan, Accounting Consultant at Libredo Ekonomi; Andela Zivkovic, Accounting Consultant at Libredo Ekonomi; Elias Hedlin, Business Development/Co-Owner at Libredo Ekonomi; Gevorg Simonyan,  Founder at Libredo Ekonomi; Bjørn Erik Ihlen, Managing Director of Nimbus Regnskap

Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

Kalle is TaxDome’s trusted manager in the beautiful Nordic region of Europe, leading the company’s expansion in the happiest countries in the world. Kalle loves to chat and interact with people and seeks to improve the culture, community, and relationships wherever he goes. The energy that he gets from these interactions transforms into creativity and problem solving that the market requires constantly. Travelling, coffee, sports, dad jokes, and meaningful conversations are close to his heart.

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