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TaxDome visits Overskudd 2023: key takeaways

TaxDome visits Overskudd 2023
Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

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Overskudd is an annual gathering of Norwegian accounting firms. This year’s event was organized by Regnskap Norge, and took place on the 12th and 13th of September at the Thon Hotel Oslo Airport. TaxDome was once again a proud participant, marking its second consecutive appearance at this prestigious event. With a mission to present TaxDome’s innovative solutions to the Norwegian accounting industry, our country managers Kalle and Vanesa showcased TaxDome’s latest features and connected with industry leaders.

Building Strong Connections

One of the standout features of this year’s Overskudd was the presence of our esteemed clients, who graciously supported TaxDome. These partners included:

  • Athene Group: a leading player in the Norwegian accounting and financial services sector
  • BHR Finans & Regnskap: a firm that specializes in comprehensive financial and accounting services
  • Ardan: a company renowned for their expertise in accounting and advisory services
  • Kompas Regnskab: a trusted partner who offers financial solutions and guidance
  • Clvr AS: a modern accounting firm from Drammen that leverages the best tools in the market to provide quality accounting services
  • Fasit Regnskap: one of Stavanger’s leading accounting firms that provides excellent services.

All of these firms rely on TaxDome to streamline their operations and enhance their clients’ experience.

Key Takeaways

The event provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the Norwegian accounting industry. Here are some key issues that were raised:

Quality Assurance and Documentation: Accounting firms emphasized the critical importance of quality assurance and documentation due to stringent regulations. Compliance is a top priority for the industry.

Workflow Automation: The industry is undergoing rapid automation, and modern firms are actively seeking solutions to increase efficiency through automation.

AI Advancements: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in accounting — it has  significantly improved efficiency and accuracy when it comes to various processes.

Communication Challenges: Surprisingly, many firms still rely on disconnected email communication with clients: that slows communication down and exposes firms to security risks.

Let’s dive into each use case and explore how TaxDome can help solve these issues:

Quality Assurance: Elevating Compliance

Quality assurance and regulatory compliance were pivotal topics at Overskudd 2023. TaxDome takes care of this accounting aspect by offering a reliable document management system. It acts as a secure repository for financial records, helps easily organize documents and ensure regulatory compliance.

Store as many client docs as you need; access and filter them from a single screen with TaxDome.

Automation: Streamlining Efficiency

Automation is a focal point for modern accounting firms seeking efficiency. TaxDome helps you simplify both internal and external processes with the help of:

  • Communication automation: send emails, reminders and whole onboarding sequences to your clients (or potential clients) without lifting a finger
  • Workflow automation: create workflows for your employees, with jobs moving between stages automatically, once the previous stage is complete

Jobs your employees create move automatically between stages — once the previous stage is done with.

Client Communication: Secure & Integrated

Efficient, secure client communication is paramount. TaxDome became a central hub for client communication by offering a secure client portal. Firms can set up a custom, white-labeled, client portal as a single point of contact. Your clients can use it to chat with your firm members, upload/access the required documents and sign them electronically.

Have a central secure hub for all client communication inside TaxDome.

Implementing your vision with TaxDome

As the Norwegian accounting industry evolves, TaxDome remains its steadfast partner, offering quality assurance, streamlined automation, and secure client communication. We equip professionals with the tools they need to thrive in the modern landscape.

Want to find out how TaxDome can help your company? Book a 30-minute demo with our expert below.

Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

Kalle is TaxDome’s trusted manager in the beautiful Nordic region of Europe, leading the company’s expansion in the happiest countries in the world. Kalle loves to chat and interact with people and seeks to improve the culture, community, and relationships wherever he goes. The energy that he gets from these interactions transforms into creativity and problem solving that the market requires constantly. Travelling, coffee, sports, dad jokes, and meaningful conversations are close to his heart.

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