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Facebook Groups Accountants Must Follow

Facebook Groups Accountants Must Follow
Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

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Most businesses flourish by advertising and operating on social media, accountants included. But what if you could get even more out of social media by increasing your network of like-minded individuals who can help and support you in your business?

Facebook is a great platform for accountants to communicate with accountants from around the country. Think of it like your personal forum, a place where you can ask questions, get ideas, and vent about the challenges faced in your industry. Who would understand better than other accountants in the same position?

Keep reading to find the best Facebook groups for accountants and tax professionals. Most of the groups below are private Facebook groups, but it’s easy enough to join. Just complete the questionnaire for each group (it’s different for each group) and you’re in. Most groups want to make sure you’re a legitimate accountant or tax professional before letting you in their circle.

The Bookkeeping Rebellion

Members: 1,243

Group Goals: The Bookkeeping Rebellion is a group of accountants looking to grow their business the ‘natural’ way. It’s a group of like-minded individuals that want to share their expertise and passion with the world.

Tax Professionals of America

Members: 8,173 

Group Goals: This is a safe place for professional accountants to ask questions of fellow accountants in the industry. You can ask tax and accounting questions and get the advice or information needed to help your clients.

Build your Best Bookkeeping Practice

Members: 4,901 

Group Goals: Members of this group are all trying to build their best accounting practice. The group provides training, support, and advice from like-minded individuals. 

Bookkeepers Corner Group

Members: 3,014

Group Goals: A group of professional accountants helping one another on any accounting or software topics. Its goal is to collaborate on all topics and questions to help one another grow a successful business.

US Tax Preparers Group

Members: 1,300

Group Goals: This is a public Facebook tax group that anyone can join, but it’s for professional tax preparers looking for the latest tax news or education. It’s a great way to discuss problems, new legislation, and best practices. 

The Successful Bookkeeper

Members: 10,500

Group Goals: This group is for bookkeepers intending to make six figures and more. It’s a group that requires active participation both ways: ask and answer questions, and provide a safe place in which to ask questions. Accountants who have been where you are now will share their expertise and they expect the same of you as a member of the group.

Accounting Firm Influencers

Members: 4,912

Group Goals: Learn from the best of the best in this group by talking to accounting and tax professionals running a successful business. You’ll learn how to manage your workload, satisfy your clients, and implement strategies you never thought of to grow, maintain, and run a successful business. 

Professional Accountants Platform Group

Members: 20,566

Group Goals: Learn the latest technology and software to run a streamlined and successful accounting business. You’ll learn to utilize technology in your business, so you get past the pen and paper status and can cater to your clients the way they want. 

TaxDome Trials


Group Goals: TaxDome software promises to make running a successful accounting practice much easier. Providing document storage, workflow management, billing support, and a client portal, you can have all you need to run your business under one platform. This group is to provide support for those in their TD trial or for those who want to learn more about it. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best Facebook groups for accountants and tax professionals, you’re likely to find what you need in one of the 10 groups above.

We always suggest joining several groups to see what you can get out of each. Like anything else in life, you get out what you put in. In other words, be active in the groups and you’ll receive the same.

Treat others the way you’d want to be treated; provide information when you have something valuable to add, and let other accountants know that they aren’t alone in their trials, tribulations, successes, and goals. 

Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

Helga is a social media manager at TaxDome. The adage “Content is king” absolutely represents her daily activities. If she is not writing texts or creating new visuals for posts, she is searching for valuable and compelling information to share with our audience. She loves cooking, taking photos, and spending time with her son.

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