Lisa Chaud

Lisa Chaud is a valued member of the TaxDome team, contributing her expertise to the company.

In her role at TaxDome, Lisa Chaud takes on the crucial task of delving deep into market research within the accounting and bookkeeping industries. She is dedicated to providing the TaxDome community with the latest data and insights. Her responsibilities encompass analyzing industry trends, understanding user needs, crafting effective marketing strategies, and meticulously tracking the NPS to gauge user satisfaction. This comprehensive approach ensures that TaxDome users remain well-informed and at the forefront of industry developments, while also guaranteeing that their feedback and satisfaction are continually assessed and addressed.

At TaxDome, we’re not just creating content; we’re on a mission to empower accountants with the clarity they need to excel in their roles, and that’s what makes our work here truly impactful and rewarding.

Outside of her professional life at TaxDome, Lisa leads an active lifestyle. She has a passion for dance and running, which serve as both hobbies and outlets for self-expression. Her commitment to staying physically active mirrors her approach to work – dynamic, engaging, and always in motion.


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