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Become a TaxDome Certified Advisor and get certification badge 

Become a TaxDome Certified Advisor and get certification badge 

Become a TaxDome Certified Advisor – and boost your TaxDome expertise to maximize practice efficiency. 

Take one more step and earn a certificate in bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and other specific areas to boost your credibility as a skilled professional in your niche. Or become a Certified Consultant and earn more by offering consulting services to your peers. 

In this article, we’ll explain the certification levels, as well as the key benefits of honing your TaxDome skills and getting certified.

TaxDome certification levels

To get certified, you must complete in-depth training and be able to leverage TaxDome’s core features. This expertise will enable you and your team to maximize cost savings in your workflows: firms that use TaxDome save an average of $18,600 per employee per year. 

There are three levels of TaxDome certification:

Certification level What you get
Level 1. TaxDome Certified Advisor  Understanding of core functionality and best practices
Level 2. TaxDome Certified Advisor: Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Preparer Specialized knowledge of features tailored to optimizing specific business processes within your organization
Level 3: Certified Consultant Expert knowledge level, eligible to be TaxDome Certified Consultant

Use our certification checklist to see the required steps for each level and track your progress. 

Once you’ve completed your TaxDome certification, we’ll follow up with you and provide your certification badge code. Copy and paste it into your website, social media, email signature and anywhere else to attract more clients seeking an experienced TaxDome advisor.

Key benefits

Display your expertise 

You’ll receive a certification badge as a confirmation of your general or specific area expertise. copy and paste it into your website HTML, social media, email signature and anywhere else you want to promote your TaxDome expertise. 

You’ll also be listed in the Advisor Directory so that you can attract more clients.

Maximize efficiency for your firm

Completing courses on all of TaxDome’s features will help your firm drive greater productivity. Other firms that completed this course have been able to save up to 40 hours per employee each month by automating routine administrative work, client communication, invoicing, team collaboration and more. 

Earn additional income

Once certified as a TaxDome consultant, you can consult other firms and practitioners on implementing and customizing TaxDome to enhance the way they run their practices.

The benefits of becoming a TaxDome consultant are:

  • Get paid for your services on your terms, we take no commissions
  • Receive free promotion by getting listed in our consultant directory
  • Gain credibility with a TaxDome certified badge that displays your expertise

We also offer a course for Sales & Consultants to help you charge higher rates for your TaxDome consulting services. More about joining the Consultant Program.

Become a Certified Advisor

Join the TaxDome Certified Advisor community today! All advisors will receive official certification badges and the first 100 will receive a $100 swag pack!. Upgrade your knowledge of TaxDome to advisor level and set yourself apart!

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