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TaxDome at D-CLIC Numérique 2023: building the accounting firm of tomorrow

TaxDome at D-CLIC Numérique 2023: building the accounting firm of tomorrow
Tania de la Torre

Tania de la Torre

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Digital transformation has brought tremendous change to the field of accounting, requiring those in the industry to adapt their offerings and the way they do business. As a company dedicated to digitizing accounting, TaxDome participated in this year’s D-CLIC Numérique at the Domaine de Preissac in Castelmaurou, France, where we were able to showcase how our platform can help accounting firms become more efficient and serve more clients. 

D-CLIC Numérique 2023

D-CLIC Numérique is a conference focused on digital transformation in the accounting sector. The event draws professionals seeking insights and strategies for leveraging technology in their firms. 

On October 12, the full-day program provided engaging content to help define the accounting firm of tomorrow:

  • Two plenary sessions explored how AI can assist leaders without replacing accountants, as well as industry visions for the transformation of this profession.
  • Workshops featured insights on e-invoicing, cybersecurity, AI applications, Excel automation, optimizing services and more.

Attending D-CLIC Numérique was an inspirational experience for TaxDome. We were excited to connect with accounting professionals seeking to transform their firms through technology and optimize their workflows. TaxDome was thrilled to showcase our platform as a tool that can help these professionals achieve their digitization goals.

TaxDome: your partner in digital transformation

The TaxDome team is committed to easing the transition to digital workflows for businesses of all sizes. Our integrated platform centralizes practice management, client collaboration, document management and more in order to streamline operations.

TaxDome’s key features include:

  • Automating workflow with pipelines, recurring tasks, auto-reminders and more
  • Streamlining team management with granular access rights, @mentions, job comments and chats
  • Enabling seamless client communication through a secure client portal, intuitive client app and custom organizers
  • Optimizing document management by combining storage, editing and file sharing in one place

Find out how TaxDome can benefit your business—book a 30-minute demo with our expert below.

Tania de la Torre

Tania de la Torre

Her strong interest in entrepreneurship, learning new skills and taking on new challenges led her to become a country manager at TaxDome. She is currently dedicated to making TaxDome the first practice management platform of choice in France. Passionate about music and climbing, Tania accompanies us in our successful ascension.

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