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Elevate your brand and get paid faster with redesigned and customizable invoices in TaxDome

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In TaxDome, you can send invoices and collect payments from your clients through credit cards, debit cards, BACS, SEPA, and ACH/eCheck payments with fully integrated secure payment processing. Your clients can pay you anytime, anywhere. When issuing an invoice, your clients also receive timely notifications and emailed PDF invoices.

In business, branding matters, and we understand that conveying professionalism during the invoicing process is crucial. This release features redesigned invoices and includes more customization to help you design invoices in the way that promotes your brand best. 

Check out everything this new TaxDome product update now offers your firm below. 

Create on-brand invoices with design customization

Align your invoices with your brand and showcase your firm’s professionalism with new and improved invoice customization in TaxDome:  

  • Choose the placement of your logo with new invoice layouts
  • Change the logo size to complement the overall design
  • Select any accent color that reflects your brand

Now, when you send invoices to new and existing clients, it’s easy to present your firm in a way that’s unique to your brand — and quickly establishes trust. 

Customize invoice content 

Enjoy greater control over the information you include in your invoices, helping you clean up the appearance of your invoices, reduce client confusion, and ensure your invoices fulfill their purpose: getting you paid.

You can now choose to show or hide:

  • Firm info fields: including address, website, email, and phone
  • Line item columns: including service date, description, tax, rate, and quantity

We’ve also given you the ability to add notes to the bottom of your invoices. Take advantage of this new field to provide payment instructions, list your terms, send your clients a personal “thank you” — or anything else you’d like.

Preview invoices before sending

With a single click, you can now view the invoice from your client’s perspective in PDF format — just click Preview when creating or editing an invoice. 

This is a time-saving new way for you to ensure all the information on your invoice is accurate and displayed exactly how you want it, so you can send invoices to your clients with complete confidence, every time.

Coming next: partial payments 

Here at TaxDome, we’re committed to constant innovation. Within payments, we’re working on the ability to collect partial payments on invoices, further streamlining the invoicing process for your firm. You will be able to get paid faster by allowing your clients greater flexibility over their invoice payments. 

For now, stay tuned for more updates!

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Josef is a content writer for TaxDome who enjoys creating clear, actionable content to inspire readers about TaxDome’s features and updates. When he’s not fitting words together, he likes to read books and work out.

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