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Embracing digital solutions: Recap of StB Expo and TAXarena in Germany

TaxDome at StB Expo and TAXarena in Germany
Ajla Ahmetspahic

Ajla Ahmetspahic

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In recent years, the accounting industry in Germany has witnessed a significant transformation due to rapid digitalization. These gatherings brought together over 1000 visitors each, providing a platform to discuss challenges, seek solutions, and gain valuable insights into real problems in the accounting industry.

Understanding the pain points

The main point of both StB Expo and TAXarena was the acknowledgment of the struggles experienced by tax advisors and their clients. Traditional methods of communication, primarily reliant on unsecure email exchanges and numerous apps for collaboration, have been causing inefficiencies and time-consuming explanations for both parties. Tax advisors are challenged to find a streamlined and secure way to interact with their clients, while clients seek convenient and user-friendly methods to collaborate with their tax advisors.

The rise of digital solutions

In the wake of these challenges, several companies presented groundbreaking digital solutions at the events that aimed to revolutionize the way tax advisors work and significantly improve the way they interact with their clients.  TaxDome participated in the events, impressing attendees with its all-in-one platform that has successfully addressed many of the industry’s pain points effectively. By integrating innovative features such as a scanner, automatic document upload, and e-signature capabilities, TaxDome was able to significantly streamline communication and collaboration between tax advisors and their clients. TaxDome clearly demonstrates that digitization has a promising future in the tax consulting industry and offers the opportunity to overcome inefficient processes and ensure efficient and client-oriented consulting.

TaxDome’s contribution

TaxDome’s presence at the StB Expo in Cologne, Munich, and the TAXarena in Berlin highlighted their commitment to resolving the communication and collaboration between tax advisors and clients. They introduced their client portal, taking messaging to a higher level of convenience and security. By eliminating the unsecure back-and-forth email communication, TaxDome provided a reliable solution to streamline interactions.

The power of integration

One of the significant advantages of TaxDome’s solution is its integration of various tools. The integrated scanner and automatic document upload feature ensured that clients and tax advisors could easily share and manage crucial documents, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, the incorporation of easy-to-use e-signatures and approvals further streamlined processes, enabling seamless interaction.

Continuous improvement

TaxDome acknowledges that the digital landscape is ever-evolving, and they are committed to staying ahead of the curve. By actively seeking out and addressing new pain points that may arise, TaxDome is determined to be a pioneer in digitalization within the industry.

The importance of digitalization and cost efficiency

The events emphasized the crucial role of digitalization in modernizing the accounting industry. With digital solutions like TaxDome, firms can achieve higher levels of cost efficiency by reducing paper-based processes, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring smoother client interactions.

Unlimited possibilities with TaxDome

TaxDome offers unlimited storage, a vast number of clients, e-signatures, and contracts, empowering tax advisors to manage their operations efficiently. The platform strives to strike a balance between promoting digitalization and allowing firms to grow without incurring additional expenses.


The StB Expo and TAXarena in Germany provided a platform for tax advisors, industry experts, and solution providers to come together and address the pain points faced by the tax professionals. Emphasizing the significance of digital solutions, TaxDome showcased an all-encompassing platform that streamlines communication, collaboration, and document management. By embracing digitalization and cost efficiency, tax advisors can drive their firms forward while providing exceptional service to their clients. As the tax advisory landscape continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like TaxDome will be crucial to staying competitive and meeting the ever-changing needs of clients and industry professionals alike.

Ajla Ahmetspahic

Ajla Ahmetspahic

As country representative for DACH, Ajla became responsible for TaxDome's expansion into Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Her connection to the DACH region, combined with strong communication skills, led her to join the TaxDome team. Her main goal is to help people improve their productivity by saving time and to make TaxDome the leading practice management platform in DACH. She enjoys meeting new people and is passionate about art and hiking.

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