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Create invoices from time entries: get paid quickly and remove manual processes

TaxDome updates - Create invoices from time entries
Alex Wells

Alex Wells

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You can now create time invoices directly from tracked time with two clicks. 

As a reminder, you and your staff can use TaxDome to easily track time without using third-party software. And you could invoice your clients, as well. And now, for any firm billing for time, these two features have been combined to save you clicks, quickly create itemized invoices and provide clarity as to which time entries are billable and have yet to be billed. Sneak-peak, a WIP (work in progress) page is coming soon! 

How to create invoice directly from time entries

To create an invoice from tracked time, navigate to the Time Entries section within the Invoices tab, bulk-select as many time entries as necessary and click “Create Invoice” in the upper-left-hand corner. The invoice details will be automatically populated from the information in the selected time entries.

As a reminder, you can create custom rates for each service in your firm with respective rates for each service. The invoice will use the commensurate rates and tracked time to calculate the amount to be charged.

New: time entries can be marked billable

As part of this update, time entries can now be marked billable. When creating invoices from time entries, only billable time can be selected. To change a time entry from billable to non-billable, simply change the toggle from within the time entry or from the time entry list.

For existing time entries, they have all been marked ‘billable’ for your convenience. 

A new toggle, “copy description to invoice line item” has been added to the time entry window. This has two benefits:

  1. No need to rewrite text; the invoice will be populated with the information you provided in the time entry
  2. Less chance for errors

If you categorize a time entry as Unbillable, you won’t be able to include it in the invoice.

Keep in mind that, should you delete an invoice, all the time entries linked to it will be marked Unbilled.

How will it help me and my firm?

There are several upsides to the new functionality. One is speed. And there’s more:

  1. Automatic invoice creation: no need to calculate manually, the invoice details will be populated automatically from the service, its respective rate, and the time tracked.
  2. Clarity: ability to see which time entries have been invoiced and which have not 
  3. All-in-one approach: you won’t need to rely on third-party software to invoice clients or track time. TaxDome is your one-stop shop for everything.

What’s next

We’ll implement two related updates in the near future:

  1. Work in progress (WIP): you’ll be able to see unbilled hours across your firm and easily create invoices from them
  2. Varying hourly rates: depending on each individual team member’s expertise, you’ll be able to bill clients at different rates
Alex Wells

Alex Wells

Alex is a content writer at TaxDome with a background in e-commerce and email marketing. He digs deep to understand the nuances of accounting, tax and bookkeeping practices and breaks down complicated tax code language to produce helpful content for TaxDome clients. In his spare time, Alex watches The Big Bang Theory, listens to Muse, and enjoys reading about the latest marketing trends.

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