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40 of the funniest billing memes to brighten up your day 

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Feeling stressed over billing? Then it’s time to see the funny side! 

We know that invoicing can be a love-hate relationship if you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper. On one hand, you’re close to enjoying the fruits of your labor. On the other hand, it often marks the time when your clients “decide” to go AWOL.

But whether you’re double-checking line items or waiting to get paid, humor will help lighten up the billing process.

So, we’ve rounded up 40 of the funniest billing memes that we’re sure accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers and CPAs can relate to.

Just a word of warning: you might spit out your coffee.

1. And so the billing cycle continues

Barney from The Simpsons, captioned with “monthly closing,” reappears after Moe has thrown him out.

2. When tax season is in full swing!

Billing memes - Oprah raising her arms with caption: “Everyone gets an invoice!”

3. Paid invoice: one small step for the client, one giant step for accountants worldwide.

Success Kid meme - Kid with a pleased expression and the caption: “Finally, it’s done.”

4. Client’s mind: Work? Done. Groceries? Done. Pay invoice? I think I’ll get something to eat…

Man (captioned “client”) looking at a woman (distractions) as his girlfriend (invoice) is annoyed.

5. “Interesting. You seemed to have received my other emails just fine.”

A man with tears running down his face, captioned: “I’m so sorry, the invoice went to my spam.”

6. The joys of patiently waiting for an invoice to be paid…

Billing memes - A skeleton and the caption: “30 years later… Payment still pending.”

7. It’s almost instinctual…

Two roads signed “Pay invoice” and “Ignore invoice” with a car swerving to the latter road sign.

8. “I do. But did you know credit card and ACH payments are much faster?”

“When a customer asks if you take checks” text above a kid saying, “The future is now, old man.”

9. You: “Tax season is over!” Unpaid invoices: “Think again.”

Man reaching for a balloon captioned “freedom,” as another man, “unpaid invoices,” pulls him back.

10. We’ve all dreamt this…

Susan Boyle singing on stage, captioned: “I dreamed a dream of my invoices being paid on time.”

11. Forget the new year; it’s tax season

Colorful fireworks with the caption “When a client pays their invoice on time.”

12. Thank you to whoever invented automation, you deserve the world

Morpheus from The Matrix (1999) captioned with: “What if I told you you could automate billing?”

13. “So, you too, huh?”

Two arms in embrace captioned “tax pros” and “sole proprietors”. Central caption: “unpaid invoices.”

14. If only it was that easy…

An old woman suggesting to “follow up with an electronic mail” as a girl helps her to bed.

15. Almost as scary as seeing that a client has rejected a document

A broad, dark figure saying “I fear no man”, except for one thing that scares him: “status: unpaid”.

16. Just keep billing. Someone will pay their invoice… eventually

Dory from Finding Nemo (2003) with caption: “Just keep billing, just keep billing”.

17. Accurate – how to give an accountant goosebumps!

Text “Thanks for sending the invoice so quickly. It’s now paid” underneath raised arm hair.

18. Sleeping soundly or dreaming?

Man in bed sleeping peacefully. Caption: “When tax season is over and all your invoices are paid.

19. It can be a long wait before tax preparers get paid

Man in bed sleeping peacefully. Caption: “When tax season is over and all your invoices are paid.”

20. The last slide really hits home……

Man hugs child as he’s told “it’s summer”, not tax season.

21. In a perfect world…

Billing memes - Accountants want invoices paid on time but get apologies and extra hours instead.

22. Accountants already see it coming!

Text caption “Please see attached invoice for…” underneath a man looking away. (78 characters)

23. Expectations vs. reality

Billing memes - Boromir stating, “One does not simply get paid by sending an invoice.”

24. How many overdue invoices have you had? Be honest!

Conversation depicting Thanos becoming a tax preparer at the cost of “getting paid on time”.

25. Another day at work shuffling through invoices that all look the same

Three Spidermen pointing at each other, each captioned with the same invoice number.

26. When you can’t wait to enjoy all the hard work you put into tax season

An unpaid tax preparer looking out his window at two bookkeepers having fun outside.

27. “Shouldn’t get my hopes up…”

A man forcing a fake smile after checking his laptop and discovering an invoice hasn’t been paid.

28. Let’s be honest: this is tax season in general

Four types of headaches depicted with stress areas. “Overdue invoices” causes the most stress.

29. Requesting client information, document approvals, 8879 signatures, invoice payments…

Hulk always angry meme - Bruce Banner explains his secret: he’s “always waiting”.

30. Software just makes it easier!

Two buttons captioned “they’ll pay on time” and “send reminders”, with a hand slapping the latter.

31. “Something like that…”

“Tax day is near. I bet you’re earning a lot” captioned over a man who is tired and wounded.

32. What accountants are really thinking when they write follow-up emails…

Man in an office with caption: “Yeah so if you could pay your invoice on time, that would be great.”

33. It’s important to us!

A boy in the rain captioned “tax preparer” as two men discuss whether they have forgotten something.

34. When your brain starts to get tired…

A man viewing complex math problems with the caption: “Inputting live items and service charges”.

35. Christmas? Roll on, tax season!

A man rubbing his hands with the caption: “Tax preparers looking at all the invoices they’ve sent”.

36. When you talk about accounting struggles to your non-accountant friends

Man telling his friend, an accountant, that nobody cares about missing invoices and approvals.

37. Where to find these clients?

A man crying happily with the caption: “Clients who pay their invoices on time - you the real MVPs”.

38. The work never ends!

Sisyphus pushing a boulder uphill, captioned: “How it feels when a client disputes an invoice”.

39. Preparing invoices manually…

A woman catching her breath, captioned: “When you’ve sent your fifth invoice in one hour”.

40. Check invoice status, check watch, repeat

Four images of Mr. Bean waiting, captioned: “When the invoice is due today but it’s still unpaid”.


If there’s one thing accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers can relate on, it’s billing – and all its ups and downs. So if one of these memes made you laugh out loud, go ahead and share it with your friends and colleagues!

And if you crave more laughs, take a look at another list we put together of the funniest accounting memes. It’s got to be better than checking the status of your invoices again, right?

Josef Hynard

Josef is a content writer for TaxDome who enjoys creating clear, actionable content to inspire readers about TaxDome’s features and updates. When he’s not fitting words together, he likes to read books and work out.

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