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How TaxDome empowers firms to fight the accountant shortage in the US

How TaxDome empowers firms to fight the accountant shortage in the US - Banner

As the US continues to struggle with an accountant shortage, accounting firms across the country are seeking ways to stay fully staffed. We explored this topic in our article about the accountant shortage in the US. Now, we want to tell you more about how TaxDome can help.

Whether you’re looking to scale your firm or better serve your current clients, TaxDome enables you to do more with less. Let’s look at some pain points firms are experiencing and the solutions TaxDome offers.

How TaxDome empowers firms in the fight against the accountant shortage

Problem Overburdened staff and a lack of qualified accountants for hire
Solution TaxDome’s automation tools

With fewer accountants to do the work, firms may struggle to serve their clients effectively. TaxDome helps firms do more with less by automating entire workflows.

For example, as soon as a client is set to start their tax return, a firm can use TaxDome to automate several initial steps without an accountant’s manual intervention:

  • Automatically contact the client with an engagement letter
  • Request necessary signatures
  • Send a document organizer for essential information and files
  • Issue reminders to the client for document upload

After clients upload the required documents, TaxDome notifies the accountant, allowing them to focus on their work without manual task management. Upon completion, the accountant simply marks the job as done, and TaxDome can automatically handle invoicing, payment reminders, and feedback collection, further saving time and effort.

Problem Students and workers don’t want to pursue accounting because they prefer remote work 
Solution TaxDome’s cloud-based platform

TaxDome supports remote work by offering a comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools and features that ensure accessibility, collaboration, and security regardless of location. This solution caters to the current workforce’s demand for flexibility and makes the accounting profession more appealing to those who prioritize remote work.

With TaxDome, accounting teams can:

  • Access client data and files securely, ensuring confidentiality and compliance
  • Communicate with clients via encrypted messaging
  • Manage documents and collect e-signatures
  • Track job progress at any time
  • Collaborate with team members in real-time, ensuring alignment regardless of their physical location 

With TaxDome, an accountant could begin their day reviewing tasks and client requests from their home office, transition to the office to handle tax returns and meet colleagues, and end their day sending final reports from a co-working space where they can attend workshops and networking events. All this would be done without sacrificing security or quality and would illustrate to hires that a modern accounting firm’s philosophy aligns with their remote work preferences.

Problem Mistakes due to overburdened staff and human error
Solution TaxDome’s templates and automations

When staff are overburdened, there’s an increased chance of human error. TaxDome addresses this issue by offering customizable templates and automation that standardize processes and minimize the risk of error.

With TaxDome, accountants can:

  • Use organizers to collect information and documents, ensuring that these processes are standardized
  • Automate repetitive administrative tasks that require consistent accuracy
  • Implement workflow automations that guide staff through each step of a process, ensuring nothing is missed
  • Set up automatic reminders for deadlines and important dates, preventing oversight due to forgetfulness or schedule mismanagement

For example, when preparing tax returns, TaxDome’s organizers automatically collect clients’ information and files without an accountant having to do it manually and potentially missing something. TaxDome even provides a library of customizable organizer templates that cover vital client information. This systematic approach significantly reduces the chances of mistakes and prevents staff from becoming overloaded. 

TaxDome organizer collecting tax return information and a client’s W-2 form.

Problem Digital transformation means employees must continually upskill
Solution TaxDome Academy’s free courses

The ongoing digital transformation in the accounting industry requires employees to adapt and learn new skills continually. TaxDome addresses this challenge by offering free courses through TaxDome Academy. 

With TaxDome Academy, accountants can:

  • Access a wide range of courses covering TaxDome’s features, workflow optimization, and best practices
  • Learn at their own pace with online courses designed to fit into busy schedules, allowing for flexibility
  • Enhance their proficiency with TaxDome’s platform, ensuring they can leverage all its benefits to improve efficiency and client service

What’s more, accountants can continue returning to TaxDome Academy courses they’ve completed to refresh their knowledge on how to use a certain TaxDome feature or gain inspiration to solve a unique workflow issue that TaxDome can address. 


In today’s highly competitive and challenging landscape, firms must find ways to attract and keep accountants. TaxDome provides a valuable solution for firms challenged by the accountant shortage. 

With its comprehensive suite of automation tools, customizable templates, and the invaluable TaxDome Academy courses, firms can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and provide flexible work options that increase their appeal to potential prospects.

Discover why TaxDome is the operating system for your practice by requesting a demo today. 

Jeff Nichols

Jeff is a content writer who works in the SaaS and B2B space, particularly in invoicing and accounting. He enjoys helping businesses make informed decisions that will assist them in growing and reaching their goals. As a writer at TaxDome, Jeff creates content that helps customers better understand the platform and stay informed about developments in the accounting industry.

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