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How to Create Eye-Catching Social Media Marketing for Small Tax Firms

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Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

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If you are a tax solopreneur or you operate a small tax firm, then you understand the challenge of growing your client roster. After all, most people have short attention spans, through their consistent exposure to social media. However, there are  several ways that you can capture customer attention through using social media to your advantage. With the right tactics and content, you can capture attention and convert to more client business. 

New channels for capturing customer attention

There are  several ways that you can market or advertise your firm’s services through social media. Major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube allow you to create content that acts as attention-grabbing advertising. Not only that, each of these social media platforms allows advertising campaign opportunities that can help  you to bring cold traffic to your website. You can also use paid searches to find people who are already looking for tax accounting services. The possibilities to grow your tax firm business online are almost endless. 

Tips to help tax solopreneurs capture attention

You can easily become overwhelmed with the vast world of marketing and advertising possibilities through social media platforms. To help you focus your social media strategy in accounting, there are nine proven ways that a tax solopreneur can capture attention and potentially grow a client roster: 

1. Pay Attention to What is  Relevant

Trending information will get a  disproportionate amount of attention on social media. Therefore, you will want to “ride the wave” of what topics are getting people’s attention. For instance, if there is a proposal for a new tax rule, then you may want to consider creating a Facebook post, TikTok, or YouTube video on the subject. Chances are that this relevant, trending topic will drive lots of traffic to your social media channels. 

2. Share Helpful Tips and Information

People tend to search for tips and information online when they need help on an issue.  Social media platforms can allow you to establish yourself as an authority in  the tax field . The more helpful tips and information that you share, the more of an authority you become on the platform. This call allows you to build a major following and easily convert some of your social media followers into clients. 

3. Turn Complex Information into Something That is Visually Appealing

For many people, information about taxes can be complex and intimidating. As a tax professional, you can take some of the most convoluted concepts about taxes and communicate them in a way that provides visual appeal. This will allow you to become the “go-to” expert on tax information. This, in turn, will make it easy for you to get leads for your firm. 

4. Use Side-By-Side Comparison Charts

People tend to respond better to visual information rather than  large texts of copy. Therefore, you will want to consider using side-by-side comparison charts to quickly convey information and make it easily understood by non-tax professionals. For instance, if you are trying to explain the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, a simple side-by-side comparison chart can quickly convey information that would normally fill up to 500 words of content. 

5. Pay Attention to Image Requirements on Each Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has its own rules that users must follow to keep their account in good standing. For instance, YouTube has strict rules about copyright content. While YouTube allows for “fair use”, a channel user should not simply upload entire blocks of copyrighted content without context or editorial comment. Be sure to understand the rules of each social media platform before you begin to upload content. 

6. What’s Your Brand Message?

A brand message will allow you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. On a given day, the average person is to about 145 minutes of social media. Chances are that most people will not recall what social media they absorbed during their day. With a brand message, you are likely to be remembered and have people come back to your social media channel. A brand message is a value proposition that you may have for your viewers. For instance, your brand message can be, “Easy tax help for the masses’” or “Professional tax services for entrepreneurs.” 

7. Try a Mix of Content

Some companies and brands thrive on certain platforms. Therefore, you will want to try a mix of content to see what works best for you. In some cases, you may get more engagement posts. If you are comfortable with making videos, then you may make more of an impact with YouTube. You may also do well on LinkedIn if your target market is higher-level professionals. Try a mix of content (blog, video, infographics) on different platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) to see what works best for you.

8. Cross-Promote Your Posts and Videos

Be sure to cross-promote your posts and your videos. For instance, if you are explaining tax law changes in a YouTube video, then you may want to encourage your audience to check out a comparison chart that you had created on a corresponding Facebook post. Getting more engagement across your social media content will allow you to turn more content viewers into clients. 

9. Check the Mobile View

Chances are that large amounts of your views come from mobile devices. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your content is easily readable on small screens. Here are some tips on how to make your content more mobile-friendly:

  • Use smaller blocks of text
  • Make sure your infographics have larger type fonts
  • Use easy-to-read type fonts
  • If using video, make sure your titles are large enough to be read on mobile devices.

Convert customer attention into buyer intent

Now that you know how to get more attention on social media, you have to be ready when potential clients visit your website. This is your big opportunity to make a big impression and land your clients. That’s why it is important to have a website with client conversion in mind. TaxDome can build your website to make it easy for clients to sign up for your services. From there, TaxDome automates the onboarding process to make it easy for you to manage your potential new influx of customers. 

Growing your tax firm business through proven social media marketing tactics 

Social media is a great opportunity to capture attention and get more business for your small tax firm. Be sure to follow the proven steps that enhance your brand on social media. With the right social media content strategy, your small tax firm will be able to easily create an attractive brand that can gain new clients. 

Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

Helga is a social media manager at TaxDome. The adage “Content is king” absolutely represents her daily activities. If she is not writing texts or creating new visuals for posts, she is searching for valuable and compelling information to share with our audience. She loves cooking, taking photos, and spending time with her son.

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