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January 2021 Update

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

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Introducing ‘Automove’ for Jobs, upload documents through automation, send invoices automatically & more

This month we’ve been getting you ready for the tax season with even more automation. To start, Jobs can now Automove from stage to stage, giving you the dependency functionality you require.

Folder templates can contain files so that you don’t need to upload standard forms every year or to every new client account. You now also need less clicks to request e-signatures. See below for more detail on the new functionality and improvements.

⚙️ Workflow Automation

Introducing: Automove

Previously – when all actions were complete inside of a stage, you would see a ✅ but you would have to move the job manually to the next stage to then trigger the new automations. When Automove is toggled on, Jobs automatically move to the next stage when the required items are complete 🎉

Example: When your client completes an organizer and signs a contract, the Job automatically moves to the next stage, creating a task for your team to prepare the return.


New Job automation: Create Bill

You can now better organize your payment process by creating bills automatically. As with other automations, bills created through automations will be linked to their respective jobs automatically. And you can set automatic reminders to auto-nag your clients until the invoice is settled (you have full control over how frequently the reminders are sent).

As with other automations, the bill templates are fully customizable. You can send bills to clients as soon as you start working on their job, when jobs move from the ‘Review’ stage to the ‘Get Paid’ stage, or at any other stage depending on how you want to run your firm.


You can add ‘Create Bill’ automations in your Pipeline Settings.

Reminders added to contracts sent automatically

Let automatic reminders auto-nag clients instead of you. You may add automatic reminders to bills, organizers and messages. And now, reminders can be added to contracts, as well.

You can fully automate client onboarding, including sending a contract and automatically remind clients to sign if they fail to do so at the interval you prefer. For example, every 3 days for the next two weeks until they sign.


You can now link account notes to jobs, providing helpful information for how to complete the Job for this particular client. Use case: link account note with client passwords, bank accounts, and other relevant information.


Click a ‘Link’ button to link account notes along with eight other items.

Automate upload of documents with folder templates

Folder templates can now have documents embedded within them. So that when a template is applied to a client account, those files will be added to their portal automatically. So if you want to upload one file (or 100 files to 10000 clients at once – you can do now do that easily!


📚 Document Workflow

We’ve made a number of improvements to Documents in the past month. Here is a brief summary.

  • E-signature: contact name identified. When choosing who should sign, you now see the contact name + email (we recognize that bestbballplayer5050@gmail.com with no name attached may be a difficult person to identify). More»
  • Filter improvements: you can now filter for client accounts that have pending KBA e-signatures.
  • Request e-signatures through the Mac App. You can now request e-signatures when uploading through the Mac Desktop App. This functionality will be coming to Windows, as well!
  • New document indicator. You can now easily tell which docs are new when viewing a client account.
  • Organizers: Visible to clients toggle: When toggled on, clients can create this organizer themselves in their portal (without your firm sending it to them). When toggled off, this organizer can only be accessed by clients when your firm sends it to them. More»

💰 Billing & Invoicing

Integration with QuickBooks Online has been improved and we’ll be announcing integrations with other tax programs soon.

QuickBooks Online integration: sales tax sync

You can now have sales taxes from TD bills displayed separately in QuickBooks invoices. Tax amounts will automatically be sync to QuickBooks for the U.S. firms that have Automated Sales Tax (AST) enabled.

Soon, this feature will be rolled out globally.


  • New functionality added to refunds. When you issue a refund, you can now decide whether you want to reduce client credits or not. Example: you need to refund a $200 payment. If the client has a $100 balance, you previously had to add $100 in manual credit to his account. You no longer need to do that and you can refund the $200 payment electing to reduce the client credit or not. More»
  • Sync QuickBooks Online errors are now faster to fix. When you bill client account that was deleted in QuickBooks Online, you can simply choose another client account to sync. Previously, if you deleted a client in QuickBooks Online, you were not able to resync the TaxDome client account with another QuickBooks account.

🔥 Other Improvements

  • Upgraded search includes custom fields. You can now search by all custom fields in accounts, search results fully depend on user access rights. More»
  • Account import improvements. You can now control what access each linked contact will have (client portal access, whether they will receive notifications, and whether their respective email will sync with this account) during the import. Chosen access settings will be applied to all imported accounts in bulk. Soon, you will be able to choose these settings while creating accounts one by one (not during bulk import). More»
  • Template library for Contracts. You can now copy Contract templates from our library and customize it the way you need. We’ll be adding more templates and Job Template library soon. More»
  • Inbox+ notifications now reflect updated secure messages in threads. When clients or team members respond to a secure message thread, a new notification will show up on the top of your Inbox+. If a notification was previously archived but there is a new response, the notification will return to the top of your Inbox+. More»
  • Delete messages. You can now delete secure messages threads in addition to archiving them. Deleted messages cannot be restored. More»
  • Notification added when clients upload files without login. When clients upload files without login, you now get notified about it in Inbox+. More»

All of the above plus 91 more tweaks and fixes!

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features which we covered in the previous post.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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