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TaxDome shines at Kesäpäivät 2023: a recap of our exciting journey in Seinäjoki, Finland

TaxDome shines at Kesäpäivät 2023: a recap of our exciting journey in Seinäjoki, Finland
Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

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Last week, TaxDome had the privilege of participating in Kesäpäivät 2023, the annual event for the Finnish accounting, tax, and bookkeeping industry. Held in the vibrant city of Seinäjoki, Finland, the event brought together industry professionals and decision makers from accounting firms across Finland. We’re thrilled to share the highlights of our experience at this remarkable gathering.

The Event Details

Kesäpäivät 2023, organized by Taloushallintoliitto, took place June 6-8 at the esteemed Seinäjoki Areena. With a focus on providing insightful lectures, industry news, standards and best practices, the event attracted professionals keen on staying updated and gaining valuable knowledge.

TaxDome’s Participation

TaxDome made its presence felt at the event with a dedicated booth at Seinäjoki Areena for two eventful days. Our team showcased live demos of our cutting-edge product, a practice management platform for this industry, offering attendees a firsthand experience of its powerful capabilities. We were also excited to distribute TaxDome merchandise to all visitors.

Engaging with Prospects

One of our primary objectives at Kesäpäivät 2023 was to connect with potential clients and forge meaningful relationships. At our booth, we engaged in fruitful conversations with industry professionals, demonstrating how TaxDome could revolutionize their workflows. Our main focus was to schedule follow-up meetings for implementation, and we’re thrilled to have successfully achieved this goal.

Unforgettable Moments

While Kesäpäivät 2023 was filled with remarkable moments, two events stood out in particular. First, we had the pleasure of visiting the unforgettable Kyrö Distillery, immersing ourselves in the rich Finnish culture. Second, the gala dinner was an evening to remember, where new KLT certified accountants were honored, along with accounting firms that have been loyal members of the union for more than 20 years.

Enthusiastic Attendees and a Positive Atmosphere

The event was a resounding success, with more than 200 attendees who exuded enthusiasm and energy. The relaxed atmosphere allowed for engaging conversations and interactions between exhibitors and participants. As most accounting firms had just concluded a busy tax season and were preparing for their well-deserved holidays, the mood was festive and celebratory.

Meeting with Existing Clients and Hearing Success Stories

At Kesäpäivät 2023, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of our existing clients, including Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy and their owner, Marko Salo, along with employee Niklas Salo. This meeting was particularly special as we had the opportunity to learn more about their success and how TaxDome has contributed to their growth.

Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy, a prominent accounting firm, shared their journey of leveraging TaxDome to streamline their operations and provide exceptional service to their clients. With the help of TaxDome’s innovative platform, Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy has experienced significant growth and is expanding their team. In fact, they are excited to welcome a new team member this summer, thanks to the efficiency and productivity gains facilitated by TaxDome.

Networking Opportunities and Client Celebrations

In addition to the event itself, Kesäpäivät 2023 offered ample networking opportunities for TaxDome. From informal discussions during the event to the gala dinner and afterparty, we connected with professionals and strengthened existing relationships. We were also pleased to celebrate the success of our clients, who joined us at the afterparty to commemorate a successful tax season.

Insights and Future Plans

Kesäpäivät 2023 provided valuable insights for TaxDome. As the market leader globally, we’ve been attentive to the needs and preferences of our clients and the industry as a whole. The growing interest in TaxDome has been a testament to our continuous innovation and dedication to providing exceptional solutions for accounting firms in Finland.

Achieving Goals and Looking Ahead

Our participation in Kesäpäivät 2023 was a resounding success, as we accomplished our objective of securing meetings with prospective clients. We’re excited to embark on the implementation and onboarding process with these firms, assisting them in unlocking the full potential of TaxDome.


Kesäpäivät 2023 was an incredible event for TaxDome, allowing us to connect with industry professionals, showcase our product, and celebrate the success of our clients. We’re grateful for the warm reception we received and look forward to building lasting partnerships in Finland’s accounting, tax, and bookkeeping industry. Thank you, Kesäpäivät 2023, for an unforgettable experience!

Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

Kalle is TaxDome’s trusted manager in the beautiful Nordic region of Europe, leading the company’s expansion in the happiest countries in the world. Kalle loves to chat and interact with people and seeks to improve the culture, community, and relationships wherever he goes. The energy that he gets from these interactions transforms into creativity and problem solving that the market requires constantly. Travelling, coffee, sports, dad jokes, and meaningful conversations are close to his heart.

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