Jun 15 2023 /

June 2023 update

June 2023 update
Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

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This month we’ve made a number of enhancements in invoices, workflow, organizers and a 10x speed improvement in the virtual drive. Keep reading to discover all the exciting updates and features to maximize your TaxDome experience.

Sneak peek: 
We’re on the cusp of a few major releases which we’re excited to deliver. To start, a brand new TaxDome client mobile app for iOS and Android, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients (check your email soon for more details!). Then, Proposals and engagement letters; a significant upgrade to the existing contract functionality with more features and the ability to tie in billing to the agreement. Finally, you can soon expect to see an updated table view, allowing you to change column sizes, add and remove columns and utilize new filter options.

Watch a video overview of the new features and improvements:

💰 Invoicing

Transparency in sync statuses of services

Skip having to check the sync status manually. A new column in the Settings->Services section now displays the sync status of your services. Reminder, here is how to utilize ‘Services’. 

This UX improvement allows you to easily determine which services have been successfully synced and which may require your attention.

Moreover, the status tooltip provides additional details for each status and suggests the appropriate next steps to take. This feature keeps you informed of sync issues and assists you in resolving them efficiently.

Learn how to integrate your TaxDome account with QuickBooks>>

📚 Document management

Drag and drop documents and folders anywhere on the upload screen

We have introduced a drag-and-drop uploading feature that can be accessed from anywhere on the screen for both firm staff and your clients. You can drag a single document or multiple files, including folders, to our platform from your desktop.This feature is available within the Documents section, under both the Recent and Docs subtabs, as well as within each individual client account under the Docs tab.

Note: We have received feedback that although this feature has been very helpful, the ability to drag directly to a specific folder is needed. We are in the process of adding that functionality back in.

Learn how to upload documents, manually or automatically>>

🖥 Windows App

TaxDome Drive now 10x faster — access and edit documents directly from your PC

We’ve made significant architectural updates to the TaxDome Drive, resulting in a 10x speed improvement. With the addition of local drive caching and seamless background documents upload, you can now work faster and maximize productivity within your team.

Save time by editing documents, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets directly from your PC. New icons will help you keep track of the uploading and sync status. 

Sneak peek: you will soon be able to utilize quick actions directly through Windows Explorer by right-clicking files to: share documents, request signatures, link to Jobs and much more.

Find out more about how to use TaxDome Drive

📒 Organizers

More customization options with new field types – dropdown and email

We’ve added two new question types: dropdowns and ‘email’ – bringing the total number of question types you can utilize to 9.

These updates are the cornerstones of even greater integration between organizers and your CRM. Over the next few months, some big updates are coming to organizers, look out for sneak peaks from our team!

Just as with other organizer questions, you can toggle on various options – to set the question as required, add conditions or provide explanations. 

Learn more about collecting client information easily with Organizers

🤖 Workflow

See all task details in one screen with a new sidebar view

We’re making a concerted effort to remove excess clicks and speed up your workflow across the platform.

With this update, tasks linked to jobs open directly in the job sidebar, displaying all information about the task, without opening in a new window. Make any changes you need in the task sidebar without leaving your screen – update the task status, edit the assignees and more.

Follow a step-by-step guide for task creation and management

📚 Help & Education

🔥 Other

  • Find any payment in a snap: you can now search for specific payments using the invoice ID, amount, or client. Additionally, you can easily filter your payments by type and date to quickly locate the newest or largest payments, making the process more streamlined and convenient.
  • Have you joined our early access program? Early access members get to use and comment on our new features first. Read about it and join the program>>

All of the above — plus 44 more tweaks and fixes! Join our Facebook Community to ask questions, request features or chat with other TaxDome users. 

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features we covered in our previous post.

Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

Julia is the content lead at TaxDome. She creates dynamic and clear strategy for communicating changes and updates in TaxDome – so that you are always in the loop and the first to know about the non-obvious benefits of the many TaxDome features. Dedicated to improving your user experience, Julia focuses on informing you of the most important changes through our articles, posts and emails.

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