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Virtual Appointment Scheduling: How Tax Firms Can Improve the Customer Experience

Virtual Appointment Scheduling: How Tax Firms Can Improve the Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic affected how many companies do business, from restaurants to hospitals to tax firms. As more and more companies pivot their businesses online, the precedent has been set for others to follow suit. Now more than ever, it’s important for organizations to adapt their business operations to the online environment in order to remain competitive and relevant in their target markets. By offering virtual appointment scheduling options, tax firms can help put their customers at ease, knowing they can conduct their business from the safety and comfort of their homes. This article will cover the benefits of virtual appointment scheduling and how to let your clients book appointments online so that your tax firm can provide the ultimate customer experience. 

When to Set Up Virtual Appointment Scheduling

Now that you’ve decided to allow clients to schedule appointments online, it’s important to know when to set up virtual appointment scheduling. We’re going to break down when during the customer’s journey they should have the option to go online: 

The more virtual experiences you can offer your clients, the more they will trust your business. Virtual appointment scheduling is the key to helping you and your clients save time by conducting calls from wherever works best for both of you. 

How to Not Spend too Much Time on Appointments

Appointments can be time-consuming and require your undivided attention to ensure you best meet your client’s expectations. Follow these tips to ensure that you provide perfect customer service while also not spending too much time on appointments. 

Tip 1: Create an automated email scheduling system. With TaxDome’s automated email system, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of each client. When a new client signs up with your firm, you can set up automated emails and include your scheduler to allow your clients to schedule appointments online. Read the case study on our website to see how you can set up automated workflows to make your job easier. 

Tip 2: Use a virtual reception service for clients to book an appointment through a phone call. This is a wonderful tool because not every client is ready for software such as Zoom and prefers phone calls to perform business meetings. An automated answering call service keeps track of all of your company’s calls just as if you had a front desk assistant. A virtual assistant will free up more time for you and your staff to focus on other tasks, making your more tactical in your business. 

Tip 3: Record quick Loom reviews and allow clients to ask you questions through the chat function. TaxDome offers a secure messaging service that allows your clients to reach out to you about any questions they may have. This messaging system can be incorporated into your workflows, allowing you to request any additional information from your clients that you may need without having to go through the lengthy process of scheduling a phone call. With this software, your clients can upload documents, scan files, and communicate about any needs or questions either party may have. 

Tip 4: Allow a set amount of time for each scheduled call. You’re busy and so are your clients, so it’s essential to establish a scheduled time for each call for everyone’s benefit. Look through your day-to-day activities and determine the best time frame for each type of call you have. This will keep you and your staff on track with the daily schedule and ensure that you all remain on task. 

Pivot Your Business Online with Ease

When you allow clients to schedule appointments online, you can streamline business operations for the benefit of everyone involved. With TaxDome, you can set up automated scheduling emails that also remind clients of when their appointment is approaching, keeping them and you ahead of schedule. With our automated software, you can use secure messaging to answer any questions your clients may have and schedule virtual calls to address any concerns. Pivoting your business online has never been easier. 

At TaxDome, our aim is to improve the relationships between businesses and their clients so that day-to-day operations work seamlessly, positively impacting your bottom line. Are you ready to automate business operations and offer virtual appointment scheduling? Reach out to us today to join a live demo and learn more about our product offerings and capabilities.

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