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Announcing the Redesigned Account Info Page

Announcing the Redesigned Account Info Page
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

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Please read below to see upcoming changes to the Account Info page.

TaxDome is feature-rich and sometimes positively overwhelming. One thing we’ve noticed is that you’ve had questions in regard to the interplay between Accounts & Contacts. The feedback is that the interface for managing profile access & linked contacts within a Client Account is not easily understood. It’s unclear who has access to the account, who receives emails sent from TaxDome, and which email addresses will be collected in your synced email history.

Well, good news. In order to improve the interface and increase clarity we are rolling out the all-new simplified Account Info page.

What you can expect:

  • We’ve removed the Profile Access section; instead you will find your client name and all emails associated with that client stored under the Contacts section
  • For each client and their associated email addresses, you may toggle:
    • Login – whether they are able to log in to this account.
    • Notify – whether they receive automatic system notifications about documents, signatures, etc.
    • Email Sync – whether communication with this email address will be stored in the email section.
  • If you had previously had notes in the Profile Access section, they are preserved. You may access them by navigating to the three-dots menu next to the clients’ email address.
  • All emails that were previously added to profile access, but not linked to a contact will be displayed in a separate Unlinked Emails section. You may easily link them to an existing contact or create a new one.

We are going to roll out this update in early August, so hold tight.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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