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August 2020 Updates

August 2020 Updates
Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

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We’ve been hard at work building new functionality to make TaxDome work even better for you and your practice.

In the past month, we’ve implemented a new payment processor integration, added more automated actions, created ‘Trash’ for accidentally deleted documents, released folder templates, introduced Jobs, added additional reminders, and much more.

📂 Folder Templates

With folder templates, you can create a folder structure for each Client Account quickly & easily. Create different templates for different client types (Bookkeeping, tax prep, audit, etc) – and apply to Client Accounts individually or in bulk.

🤖 New Automated Actions – Send Secure Messages

Automated actions now include creating firm tasks, sending emails, sending organizers, and now sending secure messages. Once a Client Account enters a Pipeline stage with predefined actions, your custom message is sent automatically. We’re excited to see the automated processes you will create with this new action. Coming soon – secure messages will be able to include client tasks.

💳 CPACharge – New Payment Processor Integration

We’re super excited to announce our latest integration: CPACharge. This payment processor offers a simple pricing plan and low processing rates. You can now decide which processor to use to accept client payments online – Stripe, CPA Charge, or both. If using both, you can set the default in your firm settings.

🗑 Introducing Trash

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s exactly why we’re happy to announce Trash. When documents are deleted, they don’t disappear completely, and you’re now able to restore them within 30 days. You still can preview or download files when they are in Trash. If you decide to restore them, their folder structure is retained.

🤖 Pipelines: Introducing Jobs

Jobs are the next evolution of Pipelines and we’re super excited to bring them to you. This is the first of many big updates with regards to Jobs functionality.

Introducing Jobs:

  • Bring clarity to your processes by organizing Jobs within Pipelines. Client Accounts no longer go through Pipelines, Jobs do. This change allows a firm to have many active Jobs in the same pipeline for each Client Account.
  • Example: A Bookkeeping Pipeline may contain January & February Jobs for Acme Corp, and your 1040 Pipeline may contain separate Jobs for 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Each Job pertains to one Client Account, but you can have as many Jobs for the same Client Account in a Pipeline as needed.
  • Create Jobs one by one or with the bulk action menu to create many Jobs at once. When Jobs are started, the Client Accounts will be added to the first stage of the selected Pipeline, triggering any automations you have set up.

🤖 Task Improvements & Other Enhancements

Reducing clicks and making your firm more efficient is a priority. With that in mind, we have introduced bulk actions for tasks. Aside from creating tasks via automations, you may need one-off tasks that you want created for many Client Accounts at the same time. Made a typo or need to change the due date because deadlines have shifted? You can now bulk edit tasks, as well. Some commonly used task parameters (assignees, priority, status, descriptions, tags, dates, and repetition) can be modified in bulk mode. Finally, task templates can now be duplicated.

🍎 TaxDome Desktop Mac App Update

While we are updating our desktop apps on a regular basis, this update is definitely worth mentioning. In addition to resolving a few bugs with UI, we’ve released important performance improvements.

  • Firstly, the TaxDome Drive connection method was changed, which has resulted in a noticeable increase of speed.
  • Secondly, the TaxDome printer driver is now installed automatically. Thus, you can print to TaxDome immediately upon the installation of the app.
  • These and other updates are coming to the Windows Desktop App soon.

📜 Organizers: Reminders and Other Enhancements

In the past few weeks, we’ve made several improvements to organizers.

  • You can now ‘seal’ organizers – preventing clients from modifying them further once you’ve begun work.
  • When sending organizers, you can now include automatic reminders. As always, you fully control the frequency & quantity of reminders. Once an organizer has been submitted, reminders automatically stop.
  • When documents are uploaded via organizers, you will no longer be notified of each individual upload. One notification email will be sent when the organizer is submitted, summarizing any attached documents.

👀 Visual Improvements and User Experience

We continue to focus on enhancing your and your clients’ experience. In case you missed some of the smaller improvements, here is a list:

  • `Seal` documents. Sealed documents cannot be moved or deleted by your clients. For example, clients upload their W2s and you want to keep them where they are (client’s docs) but you want to ensure that the client does not modify them.
  • Contact merge. For example, if you have three contacts who are really the same person (i.e Mike Smith, Michael Smith, and M Smith), you can merge them. For each field, you can choose which field you would like to keep for the resulting contact.
  • New filters. You can filter for Client Accounts that have pending signatures or pending organizers. You can also filter by Client Accounts which are in one or more stages of Pipelines.
  • Prepayment notifications. When your clients make prepayments, you will now get notifications to Inbox+ & Email.
  • Custom HTML in email templates. You can now add custom HTML to email templates to include elements such as images and tables.
  • Email template library is now available. Review our growing list of templates, copy the ones you like into your workspace, and then edit to fit your needs.

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features which we covered in the previous post.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper

Mary is a passionate technical writer who takes care of help documentation, social media and blog posts at TaxDome. She knows for sure that the best thing she can do to make the world a better place is to keep writing, so she does. And when she is not at her desk, you can find her traveling, doing yoga, gardening, or having fun with her kids.

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