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Bigger and better than ever before – Accountex London 23

Bigger and better than ever before – Accountex London 23
Samuel George

Samuel George

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TaxDome UK was attending their second Accountex event after exhibiting at Manchester last September. The Accountex organisers always know how to put on a show and this year didn’t disappoint for sure.. With a 2-day fun packed exhibition at the Excel Centre in London, this exciting event attracted 10,251 visitors from all over the UK and boasted 180+ content sessions relating to industry updates. If you’re an accountant in the UK, then this was the place to be.

There was a great atmosphere at the venue from day one (as there normally is) and we knew that everyone was going to be in good spirits for the next few days. As well as the 250 accounting software suppliers on show, visitors were also encouraged to capture memories in the photo booths, kick back and relax in the many ‘gardens’ around the venue and even take a ride on the London bus (yes really!). Not only were the sessions throughout the day engaging, but also worth your while as you had the opportunity to tally up 16 CPD hours for attending. 

What is TaxDome?

Since this was only our third event in the UK, many accountants were still not aware of who TaxDome were as it was their first time seeing us. However, this did not stop them coming over when they saw our platform and features. TaxDome is a practice management platform for chartered accountants, bookkeepers and accounting firms. It’s a simple, powerful workspace designed to help manage your practice, clients, jobs, documents, teams and more.

If you missed us then don’t worry, we’ll be exhibiting again soon at the Digital Accountancy Show in London on the 15th of June! Here, you’ll be able to grab the same exciting merch like phone holders, screen cleaners, webcam covers, bags and more!

To learn more about the platform you can schedule a 1-on-1 demonstration here>>

How can TaxDome help you?

During the event, we predominantly showcased our workflow automation platform which is designed to streamline your processes and save you time. With useful features such as Automove, which recognises the actions completed by your client and then moves the job accordingly, you can finally focus on the more important tasks in your firm.

How to simplify your processes with automations

A happy client leads means a happy practice. With workflow automations such as secure messages and email automations (and soon SMS too..), you can keep your clients aware of the hard work your team are doing behind the scenes. 

Example: your clients sign a contract and pay their invoice, automove will move the account forward which will trigger an automated email letting them know that you’ve started working on their return and to expect a draft in 2 weeks. Imagine all the phone calls you would no longer have to answer if you had a system like this.

Through customisable templates for emails, messages, jobs, tasks, contracts, organisers and more, you can set up repeatable and predictable business processes for any type of service you provide. Through the use of our native workflow automation with these templates, you can have a clear visibility into your work to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Try creating your own workflows in the free 14-day trial

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How to minimise effort in the workflow with automated reminders 

Chasing can be tiring, frustrating and most importantly time consuming. This is why TaxDome has features that can really help.

With TaxDome, you can save time for your firm by having automatic reminders doing the chasing for you. Choose your preferred notification frequency and interval time and incorporate them into your contracts, organisers, client tasks and more to get what you need, when you need. 

Why clients love TaxDome client portal:

Client management is key to running an accounting firm well and providing ongoing value to clients. Having a dedicated portal will make things easier for them and since we are fully on the cloud, their information will be available both online and on our Mobile App anytime, anywhere. 

In a survey conducted with over 400 accountants, 86% of TaxDome firms were happy with their client portal. However, with other softwares, only 14% were content with the portal they use. The more user-friendly and simple it is, the more likely clients will perform actions you need from them and the less they will ask for help. 

Client portals like TaxDome allow you to add custom-branding and gather all your accounting-related activities in one place: document sharing/storage, communication, invoicing, e-signatures and more. 

Get started today!

Support is free and unlimited so you will never be alone in your TaxDome journey. With multiple channels of support available for you and your team, you’ll have the helping hand you need to get started. 

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Samuel George

Samuel George

Samuel is the UK Country Manager for TaxDome in charge of all operations within the region. He oversees a wide range of tasks, including sales and product growth. Samuel actively engages in industry events to boost product visibility and partakes in online events such as webinars to share information to his community. Leveraging his expertise, he formulates and executes strategic plans to drive revenue generation and expand market presence.

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