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Free bookkeeping pricing template: simplify your pricing process 

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Listing your prices upfront is a great way to make your firm more attractive to prospective clients. The challenge is itemizing your services and prices each time, as all clients and their needs are different.

To help you simplify the process and save time, we’ve provided a free bookkeeping pricing template that you can download right now — along with a handful of practical tips for applying the template effectively.

Why use a pricing template for bookkeeping?

Manually typing out your bookkeeping services and prices for each prospective client can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. By using a pricing template for bookkeeping, however, you can:

  • Standardize your bookkeeping prices
  • Quickly apply individualized prices for unique client needs
  • Easily review and update your pricing
  • Reduce manual work and save time on your overall bookkeeping process 

Overall, using a bookkeeping pricing template can increase your efficiency and organization, freeing up your time while reducing the risk of errors.

On top of that, it can also improve your client engagement process, as a template can help you present your services and prices clearly and with full transparency, inspiring trust and confidence in your firm.

What to include in a bookkeeping pricing template

To effectively engage prospective clients when presenting your bookkeeping services and prices, the information should be clear, up to date, and inclusive of all the key details your clients need and want to know. This includes:

  • Your firm name/name, address, and contact information
  • Your bookkeeping services
  • The quantity of each service
  • The total price of each service
  • Any discounts you’re offering
  • The total cost for the client

Using a ready-made bookkeeping pricing template can help you quickly and easily cover these bases. By pairing it with an effective bookkeeping proposal template and bookkeeping engagement letter template, you can also increase your chances of turning prospects into paying clients.

To further speed up your engagement process and ensure you’re giving all prospective clients complete transparency, here’s some more information a bookkeeping pricing template should include:

Services list

Bookkeeping encompasses a range of services, so it’s a good idea to specify the exact services you’ll be providing. In other words: laying out for prospective clients what they’ll be paying you for. 

To this end, you can use a bookkeeping pricing template to clearly outline your services, such as:

  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Income tax return
  • Sales tax return
  • Payroll tax return
  • Accounts receivable/payable management
  • Payroll processing

Rates breakdown

In addition to individual services, it’s important to give prospective clients a full breakdown of the charges. This can also be easily achieved with a bookkeeping pricing template that specifies whether your rates are:

  • Hourly: charged by the hour
  • Per transaction: charged based on the number of transactions processed
  • Fixed/project-based: charged as a fixed fee based on the estimated time or work involved
  • Value-based: charged based on the value provided 
  • Tiered: charged based on tailored service packages or bundles

As rates differ per bookkeeper and are often subject to change — based on factors such as experience, expertise, location, or even the complexity of the services involved — a good bookkeeping pricing template should also allow you to easily adjust the rates and make quick revisions as needed.

Free bookkeeping pricing template

A bookkeeping pricing template displaying services, quantity, unit price, and costs.

Download our free bookkeeping pricing template now to simplify your pricing process, save time, and improve client engagement.

Our premade template is user-friendly, fully customizable, and complete with formulas that will calculate the cost of your services automatically. Once downloaded (as an xlsx. file), all you’ll need to do is open the file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Then you can:  

  • Include your logo and firm details
  • Edit/add services as needed
  • Adjust prices as needed

How to use the template effectively

After downloading our free template and customizing it to your liking, ensure you use it effectively by following these important tips:

Review the template regularly 

It’s important to regularly review the bookkeeping pricing template as:

  • You may need to update your pricing to reflect changes in business costs or market conditions
  • The prices you lay out for one client might not be the same for another client (that you send it to)

For that reason, you may consider creating multiple copies of the template and editing each version as needed for specific purposes or different types of clients — which you might also find to be another effective way to speed up your engagement process.

Seek regular feedback from clients

As it’s your prospective clients who will be viewing your bookkeeping pricing template before taking on your services, getting their feedback is the best way to find out how it can be improved. This may include:

  • The clarity of your listed services 
  • The clarity of your prices or charges — particularly if charged as a fixed/project-based rate or as a package

You can request feedback from clients after you’ve engaged them or once you’ve provided them with your services. Either way, understanding their experience is a great way to gain valuable insights into how you can improve your template for future clients — while also letting your clients know you care.

Download more free templates with TaxDome

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All in all, using ready-made accounting templates is an effective way to organize your processes, speed up your workflows, and improve client interactions.

You can get started today by downloading our free bookkeeping pricing template, which is sure to help you streamline your pricing process and engage prospective clients. 

Just remember to update the template regularly and seek feedback from your clients to ensure it’s as effective as possible in steering your firm toward faster growth and success.

Josef Hynard

Josef is a content writer for TaxDome who enjoys creating clear, actionable content to inspire readers about TaxDome’s features and updates. When he’s not fitting words together, he likes to read books and work out.

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