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Creating a Secure Digital Workspace for Remote Teams by Integrating TaxDome and Verito

Creating a Secure Digital Workspace for Remote Teams by Integrating TaxDome and Verito
Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

1 Min

Transitioning to working from home?

Do you pay enough attention to client data security when you work remotely? Do all your team members use software that ensures secure data exchange?

Join TaxDome and Verito’s experts on November, 9th at 2:00 PM EST to discuss the essential aspects of digital security for accounting firms.

In this webinar, we will walk you through everything your firm needs to know about a secure environment for storing and sharing data. You will learn how to leverage the TaxDome & Verito integration to establish a 100% secure and IRS-compliant remote accounting firm.

Register to discover:

  • Ways to back up, store and exchange files securely
  • Why hosting tax applications and files on the cloud helps prevent data loss
  • How to establish a powerful and secure environment and help your team adopt it

About TaxDome

TaxDome is the all-in-one software for accounting firms to manage their practice: clients, jobs, documents and teams.

About Verito

Verito is an authorized host for TaxDome. Access TaxDome from any device, platform, or OS with Verito’s cloud solutions and get the advanced cloud security measures on the software hosted on Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers.

Helga Khasin

Helga Khasin

Helga is a social media manager at TaxDome. The adage “Content is king” absolutely represents her daily activities. If she is not writing texts or creating new visuals for posts, she is searching for valuable and compelling information to share with our audience. She loves cooking, taking photos, and spending time with her son.

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