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TaxDome Q3 2022 Roadmap

TaxDome Q3 2022 Roadmap

Welcome to the TaxDome Product Roadmap – a list of major feature releases scheduled for release in the coming quarter. Consistent upgrades are in our DNA; since 2017 we’ve been empowering you with tools to run your practice more efficiently. Starting with this quarter, we’re going to release our public roadmap to provide insight into our vision and strategy.

This blog will outline the major releases of Q3 in detail below. Here’s the TL;DR

  1. Recurring invoices
  2. Contracts => Proposals
  3. SMS Communication
  4. New dashboard (insights)
  5. Global messages & documents
  6. Prepopulate organizer answers for returning clients
  7. Calendar Updates
  8. CRM Updates
  9. UX Updates

The above and more has been added to our public product roadmap. As features are released,  we’ll post in product updates

Let’s dive in more detail!

Recurring Invoices

One of the most requested features in our feature request board, recurring invoices will be a game changer for many firms, especially part time CFOs, bookkeepers and CAS practices. While invoices could be created automatically with automations (which can recur, as well), recurring invoices will take the ‘payment’ step out of the client’s hands and it will happen automatically. Clients will be presented with a professional page to review, enter their bank/credit card details and approve the recurring invoice. 

Recurring Invoices


Recurring invoices will be a standalone feature, but they will also be integrated into a new feature called Proposals.

Proposals are the next iteration of Contracts, allowing you to better align expectations between firm & client, agree on fees and payment schedules while presenting your value in a professional proposal that reflects your brand. 

We will roll out the below features over time, but the end result will include:

  1. Option to require payment upon signing the proposal (ACH or Credit Card)
  2. Option to require recurring payment schedule upon signing the proposal (ACH or CC)
  3. Choose your adventure (offer options A, B, C) and client chooses which they prefer
  4. More design options and increased customization

Other upgrades to the invoicing suite will include UX updates to the invoice creation page, enhancements to services items (which will be renamed to line items) and the ability to add discounts

SMS Integration

In addition to emails and secure messages, we will be adding the ability to communicate with your clients via SMS. While secure messages (similar to Whatsapp, but integrated with your portal) offer additional functionality (client tasks, automatic reminders if message is unread, attached documents, etc) – SMS will offer a way for you to communicate with your clients on their phone without using any additional apps and not via email. 

New Dashboard (Insights)

We’re undergoing a complete redesign of the dashboard for both firm admins and employees. The resulting page will be renamed Insights and provide customizable widgets with primary use cases in mind: monitoring job summary & deadlines, monitoring team activity, keeping track of all pending client actions (signatures, invoices, organizers, etc). 

TaxDome - Insights

Global Sections (Docs, Messages)

The aim of global sections is to provide a single place to view all active and archived items across all clients. Instead of going to a client to find a message thread, the Global Messages section will have all messages across all clients, organized by active and archived. Similarly, we are working to centralize your document management and make it even more efficient. The new Global Documents section will allow you to see all documents across all clients in one organized view. The new section will have new organization features making it easy for you to find all signatures, approvals, trash, as well as recently accessed files.

In future releases, we plan to add ‘global’ sections across all TaxDome features (organizers, contracts, etc).

Global sections

Prepopulate organizer answers for returning clients

This release will allow clients to roll-forward prior answers from organizers, greatly reducing the amount of time and effort to complete an organizer for a returning client.


We are actively working on introducing a calendar view for TaxDome workflow. In the Calendar you will be able to see and edit all created tasks and jobs available to you.

  • You can choose the displayed time interval, and filter the data by type and its parameters. The current design is here:
  • Click on Job or task and edit it (change due date, priority, assignee, etc) without leaving the page

Future releases may include integration with your personal calendar, as well.


The TaxDome CRM system will be reworked to streamline the process of adding new clients. We are planning to make the corresponding UX updates to the client creation page. As a result, the 15-step client creation process will be reduced to 5 steps, you will get one unified screen to view all client data in one place, CRM fields will populate depending on a client type: individual or business.

We recently released the ability to print messages. In Q3 we’ll also add the ability to print emails.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but we wanted to highlight the major release planned. Please note, we still have a few major features from the Q2 roadmap that are nearing release; you can see them in the roadmap, as well, we just didn’t write a blog about it but we’re going to do that from here on out.

As always, we’d love your feedback! Please liaise with our team in the Feature Request board  by voting and commenting on existing posts or creating new ones.  

Constantine Vasilakis

Constantine Vasilakis

As a CPO, Constantine is responsible for TaxDome's constant improvement. His top priority is helping TaxDome users do their job more effectively and with less stress. He's passionate about collecting first-hand customer feedback and delivering the right features at the right time.

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