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Early Access Program: Be the First to Receive New Feature Releases

Early Access Program: Be the First to Receive New Feature Releases
Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

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We believe in constant improvement, and our actions speak louder than words. Stagnant features are not for us: we always have and will always continue to invest in the development of the product. Our vision is that, in addition to specific tax or bookkeeping software, TaxDome is the one app for tax and accounting firms worldwide.

We also believe that community feedback is important to continue to improve our processes. This year, we began to implement a code release freeze ahead of key deadlines. Now, we are happy to announce our early access program. 

What is the early access program?

The early access program is a rollout of new features designed specifically for early adopters who want to help ensure that the final release is most beneficial to the wider TaxDome community. Early access program firms will receive new features before they are rolled out to all firms. 

Feedback from the community has shown that there are members who wish to test-drive features on production to help identify user experience improvements that cannot be done during design or even dummy data testing. This program is for them.

We’ve learned that the early access program may impact the final release that is deployed to all users. This is not a beta program – all features that are sent to the early access program are considered ready for production.

How do I opt in to the early access program?

To opt-in to the early access program, you can do so directly in your portal. Navigate to Settings > Firm Settings > scroll down to the Early access section > then toggle on “Get early access to features”.

Once enabled, your firm will receive new features before they are rolled out to all firms.  Please make sure to join the Early Access community where we post announcements about new features, as well as what’s planned for Early Access in the near future. This is a place where you can leave feedback for the development team and discuss it with other participants.

Importantly, enrollment is on a firm wide basis, not available for individual users. By enrolling in this program, your entire firm will participate.

Early access program FAQ

Do I have to do anything to get a new feature once I am in the early access program?

Once your firm is enrolled, you will automatically receive early access feature releases to your portal, no additional steps required.

How do I provide feedback to the product team about features in the early access program?

You can leave feedback in our Early Access community. There you’ll be able to see other users’ feedback and discuss new features. We’re happy to be in close connection with our clients.

If you encounter a bug, please fill out a bug report

Is this a beta program?

The early access program is not a beta program. Unlike a beta program where features are raw and may not reach production, new features in the early access program are intended to be ready for release. Feature testing and stress testing is always a part of every release. 

Examples of features that will be released to early access program

Over the next few months, the following features are expected to be in the early access program:

  1. Firm insights – new dashboard
  2. Search suggestions
  3. Proposals
  4. Recurring invoices
  5. New Windows app

Is there a fee for the early access program?

There is no fee to partake in the early access program.

Are there requirements to be in the early access program?

At this time, no. This may change in the future. 

Can I opt out of the early access program?

To opt out, toggle off the ‘Early access’ setting in the firm settings.

Can I skip or postpone an update?

No, but you can choose whether to provide feedback on the new features.

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya is the Co-Founder & CMO of TaxDome; an all-in-one solution for tax and accounting professionals to manage their practice smarter, faster, and more affordably.

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