06 15 2021 / TaxDome Updates

June 2021 Updates

June 2021 Updates

This month includes a huuuge transformation for your workflow whether you do tax, accounting, or bookkeeping. You now have a robust system to automate your work prior to the next tax season: create recurring Jobs from templates and utilize Automove to track their progression from start to finish without lifting a finger.

We’ve made marked improvements to your client’s experience. Document uploads have been simplified, resulting in fewer clicks for your clients to provide you with their documents. Additionally, with the introduction of Conditional organizers, you can now add ‘logic’ to reduce the quantity of questions your clients see (example: if someone is not married, you can hide questions about their spouse). Finally, we’ve improved the design of white-labeled system-generated emails. Read more below.

🤖 Workflow Automation

Introducing pipeline schedules & recurring jobs

Robust, fully-automated pipelines are here. They allow you to create recurring jobs with your desired schedules: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually (more granular schedule capability will be coming in future releases).

Use case: every year, on January 5, you probably have new 1040 jobs created for hundreds (or thousands) of your personal tax clients. This will trigger emails, organizers, messages, contracts, and other automations to be sent. Once clients have provided the information you require, signed your contracts, and perhaps paid their invoice, tasks can automatically be assigned to your team to review the submitted documents — this is where you actually start work. This process can be repeated dozens, hundreds, thousands of times without you lifting a finger.


Bulk actions with jobs

It is now a lot easier to bulk add, edit and move jobs.

If one of your employees is off on sick leave, or you need to quickly find jobs with past due dates, you can find and edit these jobs in literally three clicks. 

  • Archive, delete, or move many jobs from stage to stage.
  • Change jobs’ assignees, due date, priority, descriptions in bulk. 
  • Filter jobs inside a pipeline by job assignee, due date, priority or account.


No more page refresh when Jobs are moved

This small UI improvement helps you move jobs between stages without page refresh.

Previously, the page would refresh and you’d be rolled back to the first stage, 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Client Portal

Simplified document upload

We’ve received feedback that some clients found it difficult to upload files. We heard you loud and clear. With this update, we’ve revamped the upload process completely. Click upload, select files, and done. This is the first of many updates with regards to file uploads, including on the firm side, which we will be rolling out over the next few months.


New powerful mobile scanner

We introduced the native scanner to the iOS and Android apps last year. With this release, we’ve made it even better. We’ve improved the detection tool and it is now easier to crop and edit multi-page PDFs.


Bulk download documents

You can now select many documents at once and download them to your computer. This highly requested feature has been released both for your clients and for firms. 


Real-time message updates

If you’re chatting with a client in real-time, you will see their messages without having to refresh the page. If the client uploads files in return to your message, you now see the attachment without refresh as well! 


Custom-branded system-generated emails

You can customize and white-label system-generated emails sent to your clients. Your customized emails look good everywhere: in Gmail, mobile, and Outlook too!


⚙️ Organizers

Introducing conditional organizers 

Conditional organizers are a long-awaited feature you’ve been asking us for. Now you can simplify organizers and questionnaires by hiding questions irrelevant to the client.

Example: the organizer can only show the “your spouse name” question if the client previously answered “YES” to the `are you married?` question. Your clients see only questions that pertain to them.
With this release, conditions can be applied to individual questions. This functionality will be coming to entire sections soon. 


Audit Trail in Organizers

You can now track exactly when clients view, start to fill out, or submit organizers. Audit trails contain event type, date, user information & more. This feature is a precursor to the ability for firm member’s to be able to edit the organizer on behalf of clients, a highly requested feature we will be rolling out in future updates!


Linking jobs to organizers became easier

When sending an organizer manually, you can now link it to an existing Job within the same screen. Importantly, this is all for manual sending of organizers. When organizers are sent through automations, they are automatically linked to the Job.


In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features, which we covered in the previous post.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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