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The Mascot Contest is Over: Meet General L. Edger

The Mascot Contest is Over: Meet General L. Edger
Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

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Before we announce the winning name, I want to tell you a little story about the TaxDome mascot.

TaxDome was founded by me (Ilya) and my brother Victor. Victor and I had been building accounting software since 2009 and we saw firsthand the power of practice management tools. In 2017, we founded TaxDome with our own brand and names attached to it. It was incredibly nerve wracking and our dad was our greatest advocate and biggest supporter. Our dad was our mascot from day one and so, he became the inspiration for the TaxDome mascot you know today.

Needless to say – we think family is important. Most tax and accounting practitioners are small businesses, many of which are family owned and operated. We share your values and we thank you for joining our TaxDome family.

When we asked you to choose our mascot name, you gladly accepted this challenge and submitted over 300 different names!

A lot of you suggested calling the mascot Max — as it rhymes with tax 😃 We also received a wonderful suggestion to call him Luca — did you know that Luca Pacioli was the Father of Accounting and Bookkeeping in Europe?

Then, voting began. Your votes spoke loud and clear and the winning name is: General L. Edger.

And a three-way tie for second place: Chief Problem Solver, Wally Workflow, and Sir Count-a-Lot.

We thank all of you for participating and congratulate the winner — Eden Wagner from Averett & Associates — who will receive the grand prize of a $1000 Amazon gift card (we’ll get in touch with you shortly).

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya Radzinsky

Ilya is the Co-Founder & CMO of TaxDome; an all-in-one solution for tax and accounting professionals to manage their practice smarter, faster, and more affordably.

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