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November 2020 Update

November 2020 Update
Maria Kris

Maria Kris

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This month is all about automation. You can now streamline new client onboarding and trigger new Jobs (and subsequent automations) directly from client signups. We’ve made marked improvements to secure messages and continue to progress on the overhaul of document uploads. See below for more detail on the above & other improvements made in the last month.

⚙️ Workflow Automation

Adding new clients and jobs is now fully automated. Sending welcome emails, organizers, adding document folders now happens without your involvement.

Jobs for new clients created automatically

You can now customize your sign-in page to include personalized questions that will kick-start jobs (and respective automations) depending on client answer(s).

Their responses will automatically trigger that client being added to a pipeline. For example, a potential new tax client will automatically get a new client organizer and an annual tax return contract to sign. And a bookkeeping client will be sent a bookkeeping organizer, contract, and welcome email, with customized folder templates automatically created to ensure everything is organized.

So essentially by the time you need to become “involved” with the client, they have already signed up, signed an engagement letter, answered the organizer, and uploaded their documents – all without any initial involvement from you.


Depending on client answer(s), the respective job(s) will be created automatically.

Adding context to Jobs

You can now link documents, bills, organizers, contracts, tasks and more to a specific job, adding context and ease of record-keeping. When automated actions trigger the creation of the aforementioned objects, they will automatically be linked to the job.

Coming soon: you will be able to link messages, time entries, invoices and more.

See everything related to a specific job in one place.

New automated action: apply tag

When a job reaches a stage in a pipeline, you can now have a tag automatically applied to the Client Account.

For example, you want to understand which clients have had an extension filed. When a job reaches the stage [extension filed], the client will automatically have a tag applied of [extension 2020].

And even more updates to workflow:

  • You can now send Contracts in bulk. Very soon you’ll also be able to send Contracts as automated actions within pipelines. More»
  • Task Templates. You can now copy tasks from our existing library instead of creating your own. You also have ready-made templates for pipelines, organizers, and emails. New templates are added weekly.
  • Archive Jobs. You can now archive jobs to remove from active view in a pipeline. Archived Jobs retain all data, are accessible in the Archived subtab of Jobs, and can be made active again, if need be. More»
  • Edit Pipelines in Two Clicks. If you want to make changes to a pipeline, you can click Edit right from the kanban view. More»

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Portal

We significantly improved communication between you and clients to make sure you’re both on the same page.

  • Contracts included in client to-do lists. Your clients now see pending Contracts in their To-Do lists when they log on your white-labeled client portal.
  • Client tasks added to secure messages. It helps you automate your information gathering process — set up secure message templates with tasks and stop pinging clients manually. More»
  • Client tasks added to to-do list client portal dashboard. Clients can see aggregated list of pending tasks and check off tasks directly from their dashboard or within the message. Fully mobile-friendly.
  • Read receipts added to Secure Messages. New ‘read/unread’ indicator shows when clients read your messages.
  • Group secure message improvements. When you receive a new message from a Client Account with two or more contacts, the name of the contact who wrote the message is visible immediately.
  • User experience improvement for clients with multiple accounts. Clients with multiple accounts are asked which account they wish to access upon login — easy for your client to see if there are any unread notifications.

One the left: how clients see their tasks in their dashboard. On the right: an example of message read receipt.

📚 Document Workflow

We continue to work on a document overhaul, simplifying the process of uploading and organizing documents to fit your firm’s desired setup. Here’s an update (there is more to come soon) of what’s been added this month.

  • Upload documents directly to the root directory. Previously, you could only upload files to folders. Now you can upload directly to the root directory of the silo (Public, Private or Client).
  • Customize folder setup the way you want. Years are no longer obligatory. Set up folder templates with ANY structure you want. More»
  • Soon, we will be removing the silos (public, private, client’s docs) so that you’ll be able to set permission settings on an individual folder-level.

🔥 Other Improvements

  • New notification settings. You can now choose whether you wish to receive client emails in Inbox+, and where you would like to receive notifications on signed contracts.
  • Search by invoice number. You can now search for bills by invoice number, your teammate or by client.
  • Export organizer responses to CSV. You can now export organizers as CSV. Export available from a client account, either from the organizer list or when previewing an organizer.
  • Export accounts now includes custom fields. Export contacts to CSV coming soon.
  • You can now bulk delete Contacts & Accounts.

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features which we covered in the previous post.

Maria Kris

Maria Kris

Maria is a Marketer at TaxDome. Having been working in both custom software and product development, she knows what clients care about and how to help businesses succeed. Enjoys all sorts of writing. When not writing, she's looking for a new hypothesis to test.

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