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Numeralis: launching a new firm positioned for growth

Numeralis: launching a new firm positioned for growth - Banner

Founded: 2022

Size: small firm

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Services provided: annual reports, bookkeeping, financial accounting and advisory, payroll, small business tax, tax preparation

Started using TaxDome: 2022


With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Munim Hassouni knows what it takes to run a successful accounting business. 

Having spent his career working for a range of different companies, he decided last year to take the lessons he’d learned along the way and start his own business — Numeralis. 

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Numeralis is a fully online accounting firm. It currently serves more than 20 clients, split roughly 50-50 between sole proprietors and businesses. Numeralis offers a range of accounting services, including: 

  • Annual reports
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial accounting and advisory
  • Payroll
  • Small business tax
  • Tax preparation

We sat down with Munim to find out how TaxDome has helped him build a forward-thinking and efficient accounting business.

The challenge: running a highly efficient online accounting business

During his career, Munim has seen what can happen when accounting teams struggle to get organized and efficient. 

In the previous companies I worked for, we would have too many calls, too many emails, too many chats. We were always late.

This chaotic approach is symptomatic of outdated and inefficient processes. With accountants spending so much time replying to emails and calls, there’s less time to focus on actual accounting work. 

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that Munim’s former companies had a hard time finding a technology that worked well, which led to more confusion and disruption. 

The last company I worked for, the owner liked to switch between CRM solutions. So we pretty much went through everything there was to go through. We tried so many systems CentreCRM, Podio and some others.

When starting his own business, Munim wanted to avoid the issues he’d experienced in other companies. Instead of constantly scrambling to keep up with client messages and requests, he wanted to stay one step ahead. He knew that choosing the right technology was the key to running a streamlined online accounting business.

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The solution: a complete platform for managing accounting workflows

Instead of choosing multiple standalone tools to build a complex accounting tech stack, Munim decided to go with a complete practice management platform where he could handle everything in one place — TaxDome.

I’m sticking to TaxDome because it certainly feels like it’s complete. You have everything you need in front of you. The other [software] were all good at something, but missed something else not least user-friendliness. TaxDome is user-friendly. It has all the functions you need and is very easy to set up.

Let’s dive deeper into the specific TaxDome tools and features that have helped Munim build an accounting business that’s on top of everything. 

Automated workflows

Having seen what happens when accounting teams get stretched too thin handling never-ending client requests, calls and messages, Munim was eager to leverage TaxDome’s automated workflows. 

This feature allows you to build customizable pipelines. When a client job enters the pipeline, certain automations are triggered — sending a welcome email, for example. Once certain actions are completed, the job moves on to the next stage of the pipeline, triggering the next round of automations. 

Time Management

Munim soon found automated workflows to be a game-changer for his business, allowing him to cut the time and manual work associated with accounting processes such as bookkeeping, annual reports and tax returns.

The workflows are great very flexible and easy to set up. And you can pretty much set them up in all sorts of ways to fit your own needs.

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Streamlined onboarding

Munim isn’t just using TaxDome’s workflow automation to serve existing customers more efficiently — he’s also leveraging it to bring new clients into his firm faster. 

Client onboarding is a critical yet often overlooked process. It’s the first time clients interact with your firm — and first impressions matter. Without the right technology, onboarding can be needlessly time-consuming and complicated. With TaxDome, however, you can automate almost all of the steps involved in onboarding.

In TaxDome, you can customize the onboarding steps that a client takes from first contact to becoming an official client that’s signing an agreement with you.

Automating your client onboarding process isn’t just about saving time. It’s also about providing a superior client experience. Today, people expect seamless, hassle-free interactions with businesses — and accounting is no different. TaxDome allows you to deliver on those expectations. 

Usually onboarding takes a very long time, but with TaxDome, clients can get onboarded very quickly. It gives a good impression and shows clients that they have joined a company that knows what they’re doing.

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Seamless digital signatures

Getting documents signed is traditionally an efficiency bottleneck. Without an e-signature tool, it can take days to send out an agreement and get the signed version back. 

Standalone e-signature tools solve this issue, but they can also make your workflows more complicated as you have to switch between your document management software, PDF editor and e-signature software. 

TaxDome solves this issue by bringing all those tools together. You can manage documents, link them to jobs, edit PDFs and request legally binding e-signatures all in one place. Not only does this simplify your document workflow, but it also makes it easier for your clients, who can view and sign documents easily in the TaxDome client portal or using our new client mobile app

Clients can log in and they see a contract. And they can sign it so easily. They don’t have to print it, sign it, scan it and send it back. It all happens in a few minutes.

The results

By leveraging TaxDome and the features we outlined above, Numeralis has been able to: 

  • Streamline its accounting tech stack
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and communication
  • Increase efficiency across the board
  • Build highly scalable processes

Let’s take a closer look at how these benefits have been realized, and the impact they have had on the team.

A streamlined accounting tech stack

Choosing TaxDome has allowed Munim to keep his accounting tech stack simple while still having access to all the tools and features he needs to run a forward-thinking accounting practice. 

Instead of choosing, implementing and paying for multiple standalone tools, he uses just two to manage everything: a practice management platform and an accounting program.

We have an accounting system called Economic, which is not something that is meant to be replaced by TaxDome. Then we have TaxDome. That’s pretty much all I’m using. It’s pretty simple, really. But I’ve worked for other companies, and things were not as simple as they are now with TaxDome.

Less time spent on admin and communication

TaxDome’s automated workflows have helped reduce the amount of time Munim and his team spend on repetitive manual tasks, such as drafting and sending engagement letters, emails and invoices. 

Automated workflows ensure that everything happens like clockwork. Clients are automatically kept in the loop at all stages, and Munim’s team members have complete visibility into what needs doing and when. As a result, the team spends much less time answering client questions, or communicating internally about tasks. 

We spend much less time talking to each other, and much less time talking to the clients. Thanks to the workflows, it’s very easy to know where you stand with everything. You can actually catch up with things. That means you’re the one calling clients, not them calling you.

Increased efficiency

Automating accounting workflows results in increased efficiency. With all that time saved on repetitive manual tasks, the Numeralis team can focus on staying on top of the actual accounting work. 

As a result, Munim has been able to build a company that’s nothing like the ones he worked for previously — and he’s busted a few myths in the process. 

An accounting company doesn’t have to always be late with things. You don’t always have to be chasing deadlines. You don’t have to receive endless calls and emails. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s just a myth.

Scalable processes

With Numeralis still a new business, Munim plans to serve his existing clients as well as possible and fine-tune his accounting workflows using TaxDome. When the time comes to expand his client base, he knows that the automated workflows he has in place will allow him to scale his business seamlessly. 

In other words, more clients don’t have to mean a huge spike in work. Once TaxDome’s workflows are set up, you can add as many jobs as you like to them, and all of the client communication, document management and task management can be handled automatically.

I haven’t advertised a lot yet. I’m planning to work with what I’ve already got, and to work on TaxDome to make it better before I focus on advertising and growing the number of clients I have. But I know for sure that with TaxDome, it’s going to be much, much easier to manage more clients. That’s guaranteed.

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Nicholas Edwards

As a content writer for TaxDome, Nicholas helps communicate how technology can transform and enhance everyday accounting processes. He enjoys simplifying complex ideas and writing content that’s accessible and useful.

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